Chris Harrison Rejects Reality TV Show, Why?

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Chris Harrison fans might have loved to see the former Bachelor Nation host on a reality TV show, but he turned it down. Find out why by reading on. Remember, he departed the franchise after racially insensitive remarks.

Bachelor Nation Fans Wanted Chris Harrison To Stay

After the fallout of the controversy surrounding Rachel Lindsay’s interview about Rachael Kirkconnell’s Antebellum party photos, many Bachelor fans claimed the ABC franchise was ruined. Well, he buried himself by using the words “woke police.” Ultimately, he left, and people slammed his replacement, Jesse “Who?” Palmer.  And, Jesse proved nobody is indispensable.

The former Bachelor Nation host launched The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever last year. Recently, guests, Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess joined Chris Harrison. Sharna is well known for Dancing with the Stars, and Brian for his various acting roles. Recently, after welcoming a child, the couple became engaged.

Chris Harrison Turned Down Special Forces On Fox

If you don’t know, Brian starred in Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test on Fox. So, the conversation turned to the Fox show. Brutal in nature, Bravo fans cheered when Tom Sandoval got his comeuppance. Anyway, Heavy reported that the controversial Bachelor host claimed he was called up by the casting people to be part of Season 2. However, he decided against it.

Bachelor Nation Chris Harrison Rejects Reality TV Show
Former Bachelor Nation Host, Chris Harrison – Instagram.

Brian Austin Green felt that Chris Harrison should have taken part. However, while it’s the “only show” the podcaster might participate in, he didn’t bite. Actually, he specifically mentioned people like Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He told the couple that Brian wouldn’t worry him on the show, but, others would.

Why Turn Down The Show?

Chris Harrison seemed intimated by some of the contestants. For example, Dez Bryant and Tyler Cameron. He noted, ” …those guys are you know huge egos and huge names and like they’re coming.” Interestingly, Brian Austin Green agreed that Tyler’s like “a beast.” Mind you, he also spoke about how teamwork is so important on the Fox show. He added, “It’s not that every man for himself kind of thing.”

Bachelor Nation fans heard about new reality TV shows over the years, but so far, Chris Harrison turned them down. For instance, he dissed the idea of Dancing with the Stars. Bear in mind, that he’s all about love and couples being matched. Toughing it out on the Toughest Test clearly didn’t appeal to him.

Are you sad that Chris Harrison turned down a spot on Special Forces? Do you think that he might have been targeted and bullied? What about Tyler Cameron? Do you think he would have given the older man a hard time on Fox?  Let us know in the comments below, and come back for more Bachelor Nation news.

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