ABC Breaks Silence About Chris Harrison Replacing Jesse Palmer

Chris Harrison and Jesse Palmer

There are rumors flying that ABC could be trying to bring back Chris Harrison to host The Bachelor. After hosting the show for nearly two decades, he was ousted because of a racism scandal involving contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. He spoke his mind to former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and that started the end of his hosting career. After having Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams co-host for a few seasons, the permanent gig was given to Jesse Palmer. However, with the show reportedly having major viewer drops, rumors are that Chris could possibly save the day. Keep reading to find out more.

Is The Bachelor wanting to bring back Chris Harrison?

Are the ABC execs really wanting to bring back Chris Harrison? Radar Online says yes. An insider said the move could happen to save the franchise from being canceled. They also said, “Everyone is aware The Bachelor is on life support.” Of course, the insider also noted that nobody is sure if Chris would even want to return after how the franchise treated him.

Sources also said previously, “The show has clearly had its ups and downs but this is the first time the big bosses are actually fearful ABC is going to pull the plug. The Bachelor has been a downhill mess that they are trying to keep from falling even farther down but execs are preparing this premiere to be the lowest in the show’s history.”

Execs are also partly worried due to the lack of social media interaction involving Zach Shallcross’ season of the show.

It’s now being reported that ABC has denied the rumors and said it’s not happening.

Chris Harrison, YouTube

Fans react to the rumored news

Fans immediately started commenting saying they stopped watching because Chris Harrison was gone. Many said it would bring their interest back to the franchise. Other fans said it was too good to be true. Many simply commented “Boooo” and others said they will continue to boycott without Chris.

One person said, “Wow what a let down. Whirlwind of emotions lol”

Overall the response was pure disappointment that it appears it was really just a rumor.

Chris Harrison, YouTube

In the meantime, many think Jesse Palmer has done a good job stepping in as the new host.

Chris just started a new podcast and is happy living his life with his fiance Lauren Zima. So far Chris has not commented on the rumors that are flying around Bachelor Nation.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Jamie Colclasure


  1. Yes yes yes…..PLEASE BRING HIM BACK! The show isn’t the same since he has been back! I only watch it if there is nothing else on and even then I hardly look at it, just playing on my iPad! It was really wrong of them getting rid of him!!!!!

    1. Would be great to bring Chris back. In my opinion he never should have been replaced. His charm and his smile will certainly bring back the good old Bachelor show. Also would be nice to limit the number of girls and add a few New date nights with more “one on one’s”.

  2. The problem with the bachelor is that it’s the same boring 20-something white male 99% of the time. They should bring back bachelor pad. That was a fun show.

  3. Haven’t watched Bachelor since they got rid of Chris. Some things and some people are irreplaceable. We love you Chris!

  4. Chris
    It is true. The Bachelor/ette has run it’s course and it is time to go. It is beyond boring. You left on a high note.
    you did a good job!

  5. We stopped watching when he was released!!
    No interest any longer.
    They won’t bring him back. Pull the plug ABC you screwed it up so….,

    1. I like Jessee but he is no Chris, Chris brought something really special. I think his comments in no way warranted him being replaced.

  6. I’d tell the ungrateful backstabbers what they could do with their position. There was NO REASON to fire him, and they did him wrong. Chris has a lot of followers, he should host another dating show.

  7. Oh yes, let’s bring back all the racists, they pair nicely with the big orange one in the shitty diaper that shows up on TV every damned day.

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