‘Gold Rush’ Season 14, Episode 2 ‘Call Of The Indian River’

Gold Rush Tony Beets - YouTube

Gold Rush is back! The Discovery show’s Season 14 premiere was a satisfying episode that has fans of the gold mining show buzzing. There are huge gold goals. Most of all, there is a lot of drama

In this exciting episode, Rick Ness returned to the Yukon, seeking redemption. Next, Tony Beets lost a family member in his quest for 6,000 ounces. Lastly, Parker Schnabel risks it all.

Gold Rush Tony Beets- YouTube
Gold Rush Tony Beets- YouTube

What Is Gold Rush ‘Call Of The Indian River About’?

Last week, Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 1 “The $160 Million Gamble” had it all. What is next? According to the IMDb synopsis, “Tony considers moving the entire family operation to the Indian River. Parker opens the first cut at his new claim at Dominion Creek. Rick Ness brings on a new crew member, hoping to get on the gold first.”

Gold Rush Rick, Tony - YouTube
Gold Rush Parker, Tony – YouTube

Breaking it down, based on the title, it looks as though Tony Beets and his family will be allowed to go back to the Indian River. However, the previews show that setting up shop will be time consuming. The camp looks like a mess with water leakage and damage everywhere. That time away meant that no one was maintaining their place.-Next, it looks like the wash plant is in disrepair. Unfortunately, Kevin Beets is not there to deal with this issue this season. He is going to be gardening and hanging at home instead of solving these issues.

Now, Tony and the Beets clan have to decide whether to head over to Indian River or remain on the Hill.

Parker Schnabel Has Two Choices This Season

On the first episode of Gold Rush Season 14, Parker Schnabel made the jaw-dropping deal of the series. He splashed out $15 million to get his own site so that he no longer has to give Tony royalties. But, it isn’t going to be easy to mine this land.

Now, the crew has to start preparing the land at the vast new Dominion claim. Parker realizes that the people who mined this land in the past were in too much of a rush to really get Β the most out of this complex mining area. As he strategizes with his team, he reveals to Mitch and Tyson that they need to have a lot of work done before they start the wash plant. It will just take patience and a good plan.

Gold Rush Episode Shows Rick Ness Hiring A New Member Of The Team

Lastly, Rick Ness needs some hard-working team members. His new addition is Morgan. She is going to do a cornucopia of jobs, but her main gig is the gold room. Her incentive is to learn as much as she can so that one day she can run her own claim.

Gold Rush fans, what do you think of Season 14 so far? Who do you think will get the most gold this year?

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