‘The View:’ Sara Haines Leaves Panel In Stitches With Dig At Whoopi

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During a recent episode of The View, Sara Haines left the entire panel in stitches as she took an unintentional dig at Whoopi Goldberg. While all of her co-hosts were hysterically laughing, Sara did try to apologize to the moderator. What exactly did Sara Haines say that became an unintentional dig at Whoopi? Why did the rest of the panel find it so amusing? Did Whoopi Goldberg also laugh? Keep reading for the recap on what happened.

The View: Sara Haines Leaves Panel In Stitches With Dig At Whoopi

Former President Donald Trump lost his business license after it was discovered he had been committing fraud. This was a topic of conversation during a recent episode of The View.

Sara Haines admitted that the word “caricature” is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Donald Trump. For those unfamiliar with the world, a caricature is a cartoonish style drawing. Typically, the drawing highlights and exaggerates certain features of the subject.

Sara added as she explained her reasoning: “When you see him, the wealthiest person in a room is usually in a hoodie.”

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines from The View - YouTube
Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines from The View – YouTube

Everyone at the table of The View began to laugh. Attention was quickly drawn to Whoopi Goldberg who also happened to be wearing a hoodie and some sweatpants. Realizing Whoopi Goldberg matched the definition she just gave, Sara tried to correct herself.

“Like, it’s not the person in — sorry, that wasn’t about you,” she explained as she looked toward Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg had a confused and dumbfounded look on her face. The rest of the panel found themselves in stitches.

“Sorry, Whoopi!” Sara added as she laughed with the rest of her co-hosts.

Whoopi Goldberg - The View
Whoopi Goldberg – The View

Sara Haines was simply trying to explain that people with money, like Donald Trump, don’t need brand names or logos to declare their wealth.

Defending Sara Haines, Joy Behar chimed in. She pointed out that she wasn’t completely wrong as Whoopi Goldberg was definitely the richest one sitting at the table.

Now, Whoopi Goldberg did not joy the panel in laughing. She also didn’t respond to Joy’s claim. She did, however, grin in Sara’s direction indicating she forgave her.

How Much Money Does Whoopi Goldberg Have?

According to Parade, Whoopi Goldberg is estimated to have a net worth of $60M. It was suspected that she made between $5 and $6M as an annual salary as the moderator of The View back in 2016. Fans of the talk show can only assume that number has increased since then. To date, the actress has over 200 acting credits on her resume. In addition to the view, she remains active in Hollywood. Per IMDb, there are seven credits on her resume for this year.

Do you think Sara Haines realized Whoopi Goldberg was wearing a hoodie when she made that statement about Donald Trump? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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