‘The View:’ Alyssa Farah Griffin Disrespected By Co-Hosts

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The View star Alyssa Farah Griffin was ready to throw hands in a fit of rage after the disrespect she was receiving from her co-hosts. The moment Alyssa finally got to speak her mind, producers added salt to the wounds by cueing the music to cut to a commercial break. Viewers agreed Alyssa looked to be seething with frustration by what went down. How exactly did her co-hosts disrespect her? And, what was she trying to talk about prior to the commercial break? Keep reading for the details.

The View: Alyssa Farah Griffin Disrespected By Co-Hosts

During today’s episode of The View, Alyssa and her co-hosts sat down to discuss the Republican debate that occurred the night before. As the only Republican on the panel, Alyssa Farah Griffin didn’t exactly agree with anything her co-hosts had to say. Being completely outnumbered, her fellow co-hosts continued to interrupt her and made it difficult for her to be involved in the conversation.

Sadly, when it was finally Alyssa’s chance to speak: She was cut off by the music cueing a commercial break was coming. Alyssa Farah Griffin threw up her hands in frustration. She immediately went silent and just proceeded to shake her head. Joy Behar tried to calm her co-host by urging her to finish what she was doing to say. Alyssa’ shrugged it off as being fine. When Joy continued to pressure her, she admitted she had a lot more to say.

Whoopi Goldberg interjected: “Well, unfortunately, it’s only an hour show, so we can’t do that.”

Joy Behar agreed she also had a lot more she wanted to say, but it was a “small show.”

“But we’ll be right back,” Whoopi noted before the show cut to commercial break.

Viewers Understand Her Frustration

On both Twitter and Facebook, fans of the view exclaimed that the other members of the panel needed to “shut up” and let Alyssa talk. Other fans chimed in to agree it did feel like the panel was walking all over her during the discussion because she was the only opposing belief.

Other fans chimed in to point out that the co-hosts of The View interrupting and cutting each other off was something every single member of the panel did. This included Alyssa. So, these fans weren’t too surprised that they continued to interrupt any time Alyssa Farah Griffin wanted to speak.

Did you happen to catch their discussion on The View about the Republican debate? Do you agree that it felt as though it was difficult for Alyssa Farah Griffin to speak? Were her co-hosts disrespecting her? Share your answers in the comments. And, keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for more talk show news and updates.

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