Michelle Duggar & Jill Dillard Tension Swirls Amid Book Release

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With the release of her memoir Counting The Cost, fans are wondering what Jill Duggar’s relationship looks like with her mother Michelle Duggar right now. Are they on speaking terms? Is Michelle upset with her daughter?

A recent video uploaded to YouTube by one of Jill’s sisters may have shed some light on the answer to that question. Moreover, fans of the former TLC series Counting On believe Jill sent a very LOUD message recently. A loud message with something she didn’t do.

What was this video? And, what are fans thinking of Jill and Michelle Duggar’s relationship amid the release of her new book? Keep reading for the details.

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Michelle Duggar & Jill Dillard Tension Swirls Amid Book Release

Joy-Anna Forsyth, Jill’s sister, ended the week uploading a video to YouTube titled “Unwind, Unplugged, Unforgettable! Michelle Duggar Birthday and Camping Adventure.” The video is 16 minutes long. And, it has been viewed roughly 80,000 times within 48 hours since she first uploaded it.

“I had the best time with my sisters. There was a couple of sisters, a couple of sisters-in-law got together and just wanted to dote on my mom,” Joy explained in the video.

 “And they had like a bunch of different flowers that we arranged in bouquets for each of us to take home. And of course, my mom made one and had fun. And then they made candles inside of pumpkins and they had water coloring for, like, the different crafts.”

Joy continued to share as she spoke of the celebration: “So it was a really fun birthday idea just to make my mom feel special and loved and cared for. Because she is so good with all of us kids and all of the in-laws and all of the grandkids. … It was really fun celebrating her.”

Where Was Jill, Though?

The video revealed there were A LOT of family members in attendance to celebrate Michelle’s special day. These included Jana, Jessa, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, Josie, Kendra, Abbie, and Katey. Surprisingly, it Jinger and her husband Jeremy, who live a little further away, even made the trip to celebrate Michelle. Jill Dillard, however, was nowhere to be found in this 16-minute video. It quickly became clear she was NOT part of her mother’s birthday celebration.

Counting On fans took this to be Jill Duggar sharing a very loud message about her relationship with Michelle. Likewise, fans believe her absence answered a lot of questions without her having to say anything at all. A LOT of Jill Dillard’s siblings (and some of their spouses) have unfollowed her on social media since her book came out.


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So, fans can only assume spending time with her siblings, a few in-laws, and her mother would have been an awkward experience. Counting On fans admit their hearts break for Jill Duggar as she appears to be getting cast aside by a lot of her family after speaking her truth.

Do you think releasing this book permanently destroyed Jill Dillard and Michelle Duggar’s relationship? Or, will things be better after the dust settles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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