Kroy Biermann Offered Cash To Take It All Off

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Kroy Biermann has been offered a chance to make some quick money for him to take it all off in Vegas. This comes as Kroy and his estranged wife Kim Zolciak are in danger of losing their home once again. This won’t get them out of debt, but it could help out with bills as Kroy continues his legal battle with the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

Here is what Kroy was offered and how much he could make to take it all off.

Kroy Biermann offered a job at a Vegas male strip club

Kroy Biermann has been fighting to save his and Kim Zolciak’s financial situation. He recently went to a judge to get a ruling allowing him to sell their home before it ends up foreclosed. Now, one business is offering a small lifeline for Kroy. However, the twist is that he has to take off his clothes to make the money.

Kroy Biermann / YouTube

Kings of Hustler in Las Vegas has offered Kroy a chance to make $150,000 plus tips for working one night at the club. TMZ reports that Kings of Hustler manager, Brittany Rose said that Kroy can make the $150,000 for 15 minutes of stripping – and he’ll also make “a ton of money in tips.”

Rose said that Kroy could make this money for only doing three things at Kings of Hustler in Las Vegas. First, Kroy would need to perform on stage for 15 minutes, stripping down to his underwear. He would also have to give the crowd lap dances, especially for the big spenders. This is where much of the tips come from. He would also have to ride on the club’s “Golden Boner” mechanical bull device that is shaped like its name.

Kings of Huster in Las Vegas sent Kroy Biermann the offer on Wednesday. Rose said they haven’t heard back yet. but this could be a great way for Kroy to make some money to pay off some debt for just 15 minutes of work in Vegas.

Kroy Biermann fears they will lose everything

This comes as Kroy Biermann has lost almost everything financially. He has fought to save some of their wealth, but it is a court battle with Kim Zolciak, who almost seems unwilling to help him save their financial future.

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The former Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are about to see their mansion in Georgia foreclosed on again. This time, they might not be able to stop it. Kroy has asked the courts for permission to sell the mansion to keep them from losing it without getting anything back in return. However, that has yet to happen. Maybe this gig in Las Vegas could help get him a little extra time.

Do you think Kroy Biermann should take up this offer to help him catch up with some bills? Do you think Kim Zolciak needs to let him sell the house to keep them from losing everything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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