‘Ghost Adventures’ Returns: What You Need To Know

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Ghost Adventures is coming back to Discovery Channel this week. Zak Bagans promoted the show’s return and let fans know there would be a lot to look forward to because it will be two hours and has an exciting title. The new season premiere is called “Skinwalker Invasion.”

Here is what you need to know about Ghost Adventures’ return to Discovery.

What You Need To Know About Ghost Adventures New Season

The Ghost Adventures premiere airs on May 15 on Discovery Channel. Zak Bagans promoted the return on Facebook and said it would be a two-hour episode titled “Skinwalker Invasion.” The new season premiere will kick off at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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According to the synopsis, Zak and the crew investigate reports of skinwalker sightings in the remote town of Torrey, Utah, on sacred grounds. They search to learn if the desecration of Native American artifacts triggered the invasion, or if a past investigation has come back to haunt the team. 

In a sneak peek, Bagans said that a father and son had sighted three beings with glowing eyes. it started happening three days after the son visited Skinwalker Ranch. The team then went to a cave that was known to contain Skinwalkers. As the team investigates these beings, they experience problems and realize something isn’t right.

A Skinwalker is a Navajo myth. It refers to a “harmful witch” who can possess or turn into an animal such as a coyote. Most legends have the Skinwalker or its victim dying in the end. Skinwalker Ranch is in Ballard, Utah, and legends indicate it is the site of paranormal activity, including vengeful shamans and Skinwalkers. A reality TV show on History airs about it called The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

What To Expect From New Ghost Adventures Season

Ghost Adventures Season 25 started in 2023, with the premiere on October 11, 2023. While Ghost Adventures: Skinwalker Invasion says it is the new season premiere, Discovery Channel lists it as part of Season 20. This is not an official season premiere, but will play as one of the “specials.”

Ghost Adventures has aired several special episodes throughout its run, with two coming in 2023. Those specials were titled Ghost Adventures: Lake of Death (May 31, 2023) and Ghost Adventures: Devil Island (October 4, 2023). Also, this episode lines up with the same month the special last year came.

It also appears that Season 25 has yet to finish its run. One week after Skinwalker Invasion airs on Discovery Channel, Season 25 starts again with “Terror on 25th Street” on May 22. The Season 25 season finale hits Discovery Channel on June 12. However, while Bagans’ promo listed this as a “new season,” it appears this is a regular special and the rest of Season 25 will follow weekly on Discovery.

Are you excited to see Ghost Adventures back for another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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