Deon Derrico’s Mom, GG, Cancer Update, Prayers Pour In

Deon Derrico's Mom, GG, Cancer Update - YouTube

Deon Derrico’s mother, GG, was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2014. Doubling Down With The Derricos fans recall the heartbreaking moment when his mother became overwhelmed with fear and emotion. It’s been just shy of a decade since she first received that diagnosis. And, fans are constantly looking for updates on how Deon Derrico’s mother is doing.

Fortunately, both Deon and Karen are well aware of fans’ thirst for updates on how GG is doing. So, they took to Instagram yesterday with a short Reel giving fans just what they wanted. An update on how GG was doing. Turns out, she was still fighting the good fight. Moreover, fans agreed she looked incredible!

What did Deon and Karen share in this video update of GG? Keep reading or scroll down to watch the video.

Deon Derrico’s Mom, GG, Cancer Update, Prayers Pour In

In a new Instagram post, Karen and Deon shared that it was treatment day for GG. During the video, fans got to watch as the nurse prepped GG for her treatment. Karen was holding the camera as she sat beside Deon’s mother. GG winced as the nurse stuck her to prepare for the treatment.

Deon Derrico’s mother proceeded to explain it typically doesn’t hurt when they stick her. She, however, made the mistake of looking at Karen’s phone and was able to see the process on the screen. GG explained that seeing it happen is what caused it to hurt.

A sad expression washed over Karen’s face as she apologized for making GG’s experience less comfortable. Doubling Down With The Derricos fans agreed it was a wholesome and precious moment. Moreover, they don’t think GG was too bothered by Karen’s video allowing her to see what happened.


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Fans Shower GG With Prayers

Over 13,000 TLC fans liked the video. And, over 1,200 poured into the comments of the video with well-wishes and prayers. Doubling Down With The Derricos fans absolutely adored Deon’s mother. Moreover, they were in awe of her strength as she continued to fight cancer. Many fans found the post to be relatable as they had also battled cancer or had a loved one who battled it. Here’s what some fans penned in the comments of the post:

  • “Love her! I had cancer last year. She’s a warrior!”
  • “Had cancer twice But am still here been there done that We are fighters!!! Hang in there sending well wishes and Love Gi Gi”
  • “God knows best , praying for her strength by his stripes she’s healed!”
  • “Why when I decide to get on Instagram and this is the 1st thing I see.. My favorite family and GG getting set for treatment!!!! Hope all goes well for you. Your story will definitely help someone find that inner peace, strength and struggle to navigate through this journey Much Love and Respect”

Are you relieved that Deon and Karen take the time to keep fans updated on how GG is doing with her cancer battle? Do you agree that she looked incredible in this video? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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