‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’ Fans Fight Against Cancelation

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Doubling Down With the Derricos fans are banding together to fight against a possible cancelation. Unfortunately, fans received some bad news about the future of the show. Now, everyone is working hard to ensure the show is renewed for another season. What has Deon Derrico shared about a possible cancelation, and how are fans fighting for a renewal?

As of now, TLC hasn’t officially renewed or canceled the series. So, fans don’t know whether it will return. But Deon’s latest update about the show doesn’t seem promising unless big changes happen.

Karen Derrico- Instagram
Karen Derrico- Instagram

Deon Derrico Shares Unfortunate Ratings Update

As we reported, Deon took to social media to share with his fans about a TLC survey. He said that this survey was intended to help viewers show the network what they want to watch. He explained how important this was due to his family’s show getting low ratings.

In his post, the TLC star explained, “For reasons outside of us our ratings were low, and DDWTD will possibly not be returning.”

You can find the survey here.

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Now, fans are making additional efforts in hopes of saving the show. Others are offering alternatives to TLC, suggesting that another network should pick up the show or that the family should start a YouTube channel.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Fans Fight Against Cancelation

On Change.org, a petition website, a fan started a new petition in hopes of saving the show from cancelation. The fan behind the petition shared in-depth details about how the series has had a positive impact on her family.

In the description, the creator pointed out a couple of issues that may be contributing to low ratings. She noted that the show airing in the summertime may be affecting how many people are able to tune in. If viewers are on vacation or enjoying the warm weather, they may miss the show. Not to mention, it airs later in the evening when kids may be in bed. She also noticed that other shows, such as Sister Wives and OutDaughtered, are featured in far more advertisements on the channel. So, maybe not enough people know about Doubling Down With the Derricos. 

The petition was started on Tuesday evening, and at the time of publishing this article, it had around 10 signatures. The creator hopes to get enough signatures to show TLC that fans really do care about the show. Only time will tell if it gets enough signatures and if they can make an impact.

You can find the petition here if you would like to sign it.

So, can you believe that Doubling Down With the Derricos had low ratings? Will you be signing this petition in hopes of making a difference? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Derrico family. Hopefully, fans will get good news about the show very soon.

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  1. I don’t think it’s about air time. I’m sure it is watched by some and nothing is bad about the family, darn what can be bad at such a young age. I think the show is not as good as to be something weekly. Finding trips and vacations is not a show. It’s fun for the kids to be able to venture out, but there is nothing of substance about the family. Bringing in sickness is not what the kids should be about. I hope Mother is comfy and not burdened to perform.

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