Matt Walsh OUT At ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Matt Walsh

A shocking bombshell has been dropped on fans of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars just a few days ahead of the Season 32 Premiere. Likewise, this bombshell follows shortly after the official reveal of the cast list for the new season. Primetime Emmy Award nominee and comedian Matt Walsh is officially OUT as a member of Dancing With The Stars Season 32 cast. What has caused the 58-year-old actor from Illinois to back out of the show? Keep reading for the details on this breaking news.

Matt Walsh OUT At Dancing With The Stars

According to Deadline, this breaking news isn’t because Matt Walsh was fired or anything that dramatic. The actor and comedian made a decision in his best interest. He wants to push pause and step away from the series. At least until the strike concludes. The actor has decided it isn’t good for his image to associate with a TV show continuing to push forward amid the ongoing strike.

Deadline goes on to report, that ABC is currently debating on whether the Premiere of Season 32 needs to be put on pause as well. The series is currently getting heavy backlash for the decision to push forward amid the strike. This has included WGA picketers actively protesting where rehearsals have been happening for the new season.

The Actor Issues A Statement

Matt Walsh did reach out to Deadline with an official statement on his decision to walk away. He fesses up that he was excited to be part of the show. But, he just can’t justify moving forward until the strike ends.

“I am taking a pause from Dancing with the Stars until an agreement is made with the WGA. I was excited to join the show and did so under the impression that it was not a WGA show and fell under a different agreement. This morning when I was informed by my union, the WGA, that it is considered struck work I walked out of my rehearsal. I have been and will always stand with my union members of the WGA, SAG and DGA,”

When Matt Walsh signed on to be part of DWTS he believed there were no WGA connections. He recently learned otherwise. As soon as he learned otherwise, he quit. He immediately walked out of rehearsal and distanced himself from the show.

Did the decision Matt Walsh made regarding Dancing With The Stars surprise you? Do you think more members of the cast are going to arrive at this decision amid the strike? Will ABC pull the plug on Season 32 of Dancing With The Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for the latest TV news.

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