‘DWTS’ Allows Jamie Lynn Spears To Practice At Home, Why?

Jamie Lynn Spears from Instagram

Reports indicate that Dancing With The Stars Season 32 contestant Jamie Lynn Spears is allowed to rehearse at home as the premiere date inches closer.

Over the past several years, many contestants have rehearsed remotely for a wide variety of reasons. COVID-19 in particular caused several issues.

Now, fans have a lot of questions about Jamie Lynn’s special accommodations. Did she come down with COVID-19 too? Or is something else going on?

See what TV Shows Ace discovered.

Jamie Lynn Spears receives special treatment from DWTS execs

It seems like the DWTS team is doing everything in its power to please the celebrity talent this year. As reported by TMZ, Season 32 contestant Jamie Lynn Spears is rehearsing near her home in Tennessee.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Alan Bersten from Instagram
Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Insiders reportedly told the publication that the show allowed to accommodate the Zoey 101 star’s role as a mother.

Jamie Lynn Spears has two daughters: 15-year-old Maddie and 5-year-old Ivey. TMZ also seems to believe that the show really wanted the actress on the show to allow a move like this. Her dance partner Alan Bersten has reportedly been flying back and forth between Los Angeles and Tennessee to accommodate her as well.

Ahead of the big cast reveal, many DWTS fans suspected it would be difficult to secure celebrity talent this year due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. After all, this would severely limit the talent pool to choose from.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maddie from Instagram
Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Dancing With The Stars is a reality competition show, which means it isn’t breaking any striking rules by continuing. However, many celebrities, including former pro dancer Cheryl Burke, think it’s in poor taste to put the show on until the strikes resolve.

Jamie Lynn Spears has pledged to donate her earnings from the competition to the unions. During her Good Morning America appearance, she said she feels lucky to have a chance to work and earn money when so many other actors and writers can’t at the moment.

Britney Spears doesn’t support her sister’s choice to compete either

When fans heard Jamie Lynn Spears would compete on DWTS this year, many wondered whether or not Britney Spears would be in the audience. According to reports, that won’t happen. Britney Spears allegedly feels slighted by Jamie Lynn’s decision to compete.

The announcement came amid Britney’s divorce from Sam Asghari. The older Spears sister just feels the entire decision is terrible timing.

“Britney isn’t thrilled about Jamie Lynn doing Dancing With The Stars,” a source close to the family reportedly told ET. “[Britney] feels like it’s bad timing, especially with the current situation she’s dealing with in her split with Sam. She feels continuously disappointed by her family, and it definitely stings. She doesn’t plan to watch Jamie Lynn on the show, and their relationship is strained.”

However, it seems that Jamie Lynn’s husband and daughters are excited about the competition. Hopefully, the 32-year-old has support from the rest of her family.

Tune in and catch the Season 32 premiere of DWTS at 8 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, September 26. It’s definitely going to be an exciting season, so don’t miss out!

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