‘AGT’ Contestant Zion Clark Reveals How He Was ‘Just Thrown Away’

Zion Clark on AGT / YouTube

Zion Clark said he was “just thrown away” in his life. The young man returned to America’s Got Talent for the Qualifiers 4 round where he competed against several other contenders who moved on from their qualifying rounds. Heading into the night, Zion knew that he had done more than enough to earn America’s vote, but even if he didn’t get it, he was ready to prove he belonged.

Here is what happened to Zion last night and his story heading into AGT.

Zion Clark’s America’s Got Talent fate

The first night that Zion Clark was on America’s Got Talent, he shared his life story in a voice-over as he performed a variety of amazing acrobatic and athletic endeavors. It was even more impressive since Zion was born without legs and a condition known as caudal regression syndrome. Despite a condition that would defeat most people from the start, he showed how hard he has worked to become an incredible athlete and got four yes votes from the AGT judges.

Zion Clark on AGT / YouTube

Zion was the first person out on America’s Got Talent this week and this time he did an obstacle course. This showed that he had more to his show than just his tests of strength he did the first time. All the judges praised him heavily again. Heidi called him “a force of positivity and strength.” Howie praised him as a “treasure” and Simon said he was sure Zion would make it to the finals. However, this week, it was all about the fans voting.

His competition included Puppet Simon & The Cowbelles, who Simon and Sofia buzzed out. Roland Abante sang ” I Will Always Love You,” Mariandrea did her contortionist dancing, and Kylie Frey sang an original song. Chibi Unity got a golden buzzer early on and Simon called the dance group the best performance of the night. The other competitors were Freedom Singers, Olrnad Leyba, Anna Deguzman, D’Corey Johnson, and Shadow Ace. Zion has quite the uphill battle, but if anyone can do it, he can.

Zion talks about being thrown away before America’s Got Talent

Zion told his story in his audition and echoed much of his story in an interview with Parade. Zion was both with no legs and both his parents were in prison. This meant he was put into the foster care system and he said he was “thrown away” and treated like less than a human. He almost aged out of the system and would have become homeless if his new mother hadn’t agreed to take him in at that point.

This was the best thing that could have happened to him. His new adoptive mother refused to let him quit. He lost 200 wrestling matches in school and she said he couldn’t quit. Then, he not only started winning but became one of the top wrestlers in his state. He made the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest man on two hands. He won an MMA fight. He is an inspiration and AGT allowed him to introduce himself to the world.

What are your thoughts on Zion Clark? Do you think he can win America’s Got Talent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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