‘AGT’ Fans React Negatively To Old Clips Ahead Of New Season

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America’s Got Talent returns on Tuesday night with a new season, but fans are already mad about old clips the show used to promote its return. While AGT has always used various adult acts in its history, some fans felt that one particular act from 2021 went over the line.

Here is the act that has fans mad at AGT for using it to promote the new season.

America’s Got Talent promotes new season with risque act

America’s Got Talent returns on Tuesday night with its 18th season on NBC. In anticipation of the new season, the show has promoted some older acts to get fans excited about new talents coming to the show this season. AGT shared one of those acts on the show’s Instagram account and it has several fans angry.

The post in question had two acts in the clip. The first was Les Beaux Frères from 2021 and the second act was comedian magicians Siegfried and Joy from 2022. Both were comedy acts, but it was Les Beaux Frères that had fans mad. After AGT posted the clips on Instagram, fans who missed out on watching the show in 2021 were shocked that AGT allowed the comedy duo to appear on the show.

Les Beaux Frères on America's Got Talent / YouTube

Les Beaux Frères is a French novelty act that appeared in America’s Got Talent Season 16. The duo had competed on reality shows before, trying out for an Italian talent show in 2015 and one in France in 2014. The act in the tryouts, and on the video, showed the men strategically covering their nude bodies with towels and then performing acts where they moved the towels around without exposing themselves. All four judges laughed and loved it and voted yes to move them on to the next round. They ended up eliminated before the quarterfinals.

However, many fans on Instagram clearly didn’t see AGT that season and showed shock there was “nudity” on America’s Got Talent.

Fans lash out at America’s Got Talent for old clip

Several fans on Instagram did not share the America’s Got Talent judge’s opinions that this was a funny and entertaining act. While many commenters joked about the performance, with comments like “Don’t drop the towel,” others remained highly offended at the act.

One commenter wrote, “Aren’t there kids in the audience?” Another answered that there were. When one commenter said the parents chose to bring the kids and to let it go. Another commenter responded that it was “absolutely inappropriate.” This caused a back-and-forth between commenters about what was appropriate and what wasn’t on the reality TV show.

In the comments, though, not everyone took it so seriously. One of the commenters was none other than America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel himself. He simply wrote, “My wife and I just tried this and it so tough.”

Do you think the act was inappropriate for America’s Got Talent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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