‘Y&R’: Doug Davidson Talks Why He’s No Longer On Show

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gThe Young And The Restless star Doug Davidson is speaking out about why he is no longer on the show. The soap star talked to Soap Hub about his exit from the show. He recently opened up about emptying out his dressing room.

What Made Doug Davidson Leave The Young And The Restless?

Doug admits that it was easier to say goodbye to the show than he thought it would be. When he cleaned out his dressing room, they wanted to use it for another actor so it was time for him to get his stuff out of there. He shared what was still in his room saying, “There were some framed magazine covers, all the stuff I had on the wall. My kids are 31 and 33 now. I had some crayons in a box from when I did Price, and they came with me on the weekends. We’d do five shows and then another five. There was an acrylic sign of “Doug and Lauralee” when she and I did the Hollywood Squares. There were some magazines that were 25 years old. I had my inflatable bed that I used for when I’d sleep over.”

He admitted that it took him an hour and 15 minutes to get to the studio, which has to be hard on anyone. In December of 2018 was when he found out that he would be taken off of contract on The Young And the Restless. He was pretty shocked when he was let go. Here is what Doug Davidson had to say:

“I had my 20th when Bill [Bell] was there. It was a big deal. The network gave me a clock. Those [celebrations on-set] went away for a while because they were happening every 15 minutes. They had started again. I felt odd to celebrate my 40th when they took me off contract, essentially firing me. I was pretty stunned at the time. One day, I was watching the show, and there was a new face behind Paul’s desk in Paul’s office. That let out a firestorm on the Internet. At that point, I hadn’t heard from anyone from the show for over two months. What was I supposed to think? The producer [who let me go] was fired the following Christmas.”

Is He Ever Coming Back?

Doug Davidson was contacted about coming back to Y&R, but as fans noticed he hasn’t returned. He admitted that he is more expensive than other characters are for a return. He knows that there are plenty of storylines that would be great to bring Paul back for, though. Dou says at this point it doesn’t look like there is anything that they could do to bring him back. So don’t expect to see Dou Davidson return to The Young And The Restless in the future sadly. He also doesn’t have plans to join another soap like so many actors end up doing.


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