‘MBFFL’ Whitney Way Thore Opens Up About Men & Love

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Whitney Way Thore talked about her love life ahead of the premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Season 11, and discussed men, past and present. Actually, she’s a polarising character and TLC fans either love her or hate her. In reality, many people grow jaded with the direction the show took because it’s more about being a manhunt than anything else. And, the French tutor just about killed any faith that her story is real.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Had Many Men In Her Life

The TLC star once said on her social media, that she failed with many men, and not all of them ever featured on the MBFFL reality TV show. Of course, critics side with the men, because they often complain about the way she treats her boyfriends. Buddy Bell dated another woman, and fans complained that she was way bad at hiding her jealousy. Then, of course, there’s Lennie Alehat. Why they don’t just marry and be done with it is beyond the comprehension of fans.

Whitney Way Thore often gets accused of faking things, especially her relationships with guys. In fact, some people secretly think that she and Lennie might really be together. However, scratching for storylines could just be an opportunity to pretend he loves someone else. Then there was the Chase Sverino saga that dragged on for more than one season when she found out he fathered a baby with someone else. Meanwhile, the infamous French Turor with no face shown seems to many people, to be completely contrived.

Whitney Way Thore Talks Love Life

Glenn’s daughter opening up on her love life might be a total bore to critics who love to slam the TLC star. However, she does have many fans who love her. So, when she talked with Entertainment Tonight and the interview was shown on YouTube, lots of people engaged in the chatter. Apart from saying she’s ready to mingle again, she told ET’s Deidre Behar about the difficulty that comes with “fame.” Allegedly, it’s just too much to deal with so leaving home to go out is a big mission.  Actually, she gets a lot of trolling at the moment, because of the funeral scenes of her mom, Babs in the show

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Whitney Way Thore told Deidre that she was delighted that Lennie Alehat found “a new woman.” Hmmm, Some fans might not believe that. After all, they hopped into bed and they kissed. Nevertheless, she did smile when she said that. Perhaps is fortunate for the new woman, that the TLC star hasn’t yet met her. Perhaps it’s another French tutor situation of the female kind? Animated, she talked about how she’s getting “older” now, and she’s ready to settle down. So, that could mean more love-hunting in Season 11.

Dating Apps Don’t Really Work

Whitney Way Thore said that she’s got no “love life” to speak of. She “tried Apps,” but that doesn’t seem to work out. For her, it’s hard to know whether men are genuine because she’s such a famous face. So, she cannot trust their motivation. As soon as they hear she’s famous, “it’s game over.” Notably, the love-hungry star hopes for men who are not “bitter.” And, they seem to be few and far between. Men her age seem to be very non-committal.

Are you keen to see what happens with the TLC star’s love life in Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life? Or, are you tired of the never-ending manhunt? Let us know in the comments below.  Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with Whitney Way Thore and the rest of the cast.

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