‘MBFFL’ Spoilers Reveal Whitney Made Out With Lennie

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MBFFL Season 11 brings a lot more than Whitney Way Thore on a manhunt and but she does reveal that she made out with her ex, Lennie Alehat. So, how did that work out for her? Read on to find out if old love is back in the air for the TLC star.

MBFFL Fans Saw Lennie Alehat Pushed Towards Whitney

Over the past few seasons, Lennie featured quite a lot. Recall, after the anonymous French tutor couldn’t arrive stateside because of covid, he and Whitney went into an open relationship. And that seemed like a useful way to bring him back if needs be. Anway, off went Whitney and friends to a tropical paradise island and Lennie danced with another woman. Of course, Whitney got all seven shapes of sideways upset. And yet, they never really revamped their old romance.

MBFFL TLC My Big Fat Fabulous life Lennie Whitney Way Thore Instagram
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MBFFL fans saw that on her social media. Lennie featured a lot and in-between seasons, TLC fans can often get takeaways about upcoming seasons. However, there were hints that the French tutor might be back, which was a downer for fans who disbelieved that storyline. Last year, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans saw that Lennie actually overnighted with Whitney and Hunter caught them sharing a bed. Allegedly, nothing happened, and the pair just slept together: presumably, the innocent sleep of childhood besties. But will they go next level in Season 11?

MBFFL Spoilers – Whitney Way Thore Making Out With Lennie

The trailer for the new season of the TLC show reveals a lot about Whitney’s dad, Glenn. She and her brother made up a bucket list for him so he can enjoy life again. Of course, the much talked about funeral of Glenn’s wife, Babs will also be televised. Additionally, an old love child of Glenn’s makes her arrival on the show. In fact, there’s quite a lot to unpack. At one stage, Whitney ended up rescued off a mountain in Switzerland after suffering from altitude sickness.

MBFFL wouldn’t be the same if Whitney Way Thore wasn’t looking for a man. Not disappointing, once again, she’s on a full hunt. So, she went online and looked at dating sites. There, she discovered Hunter’s dating profile, and claimed she was “dead.” Meanwhile, it seems that Lennie has also been hunting around. But along the way, he and Whitney made out. By her own admission, she said that it happened. Was it rekindled love at lip-lock ground zero?

Lennie Found Someone Else

When People Magazine shared the latest preview for MBFFL Season 11, the outlet cited Whitney as saying, “I make out with an ex and then they immediately find themselves in a happy and successful relationship.” However things didn’t go as well for Whitney who described dating as “abysmal,” and that she wished she could also find love.

Will you tune into the season premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life? It all kicks off on Tuesday, September 5 on TLC. Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with Whitney Way Thore and the rest of the cast.

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