‘MBFFL’: Whitney Way Thore Turns Down Multiple Marriage Proposals?

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MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore turns down multiple marriage proposals. Who is asking her to marry them? Keep reading for all the juicy details.

MBFFL star flees the country ahead of Season 10 premiere

If you’ve visited Whitney Way Thore’s Instagram in the last week, you know that she has fled the country. Along with some of her friends and ex-boyfriend Lennie, she is on a tropical vacation. While she hasn’t said where she is, guesses from fans range from St. Lucia to Jamaica.

One person guessed that the reality star is vacationing in Hawaii, so perhaps she didn’t flee the entire U.S., just the mainland.

Given that she hasn’t tagged her location, could the vacay appear on Season 10 of MBFFL? Possible but unlikely as it seems filming is over. The show returns to TLC in August.

Whitney Way Thore Turns Down Multiple Marriage Proposals?

Wherever she is, Whitney Way Thore is definitely having the time of her life. She’s posted several snapshots of herself relaxing in the water. The photos show off her buxom figure in gorgeous beachwear.

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

However, her most recent post makes a shocking declaration. She jokingly (or maybe seriously!) writes that she’s received multiple marriage proposals during her time on vacation.

How many? An astounding 12.

In the video clip, she stares directly at the camera as the song “Bone is for Dog, Meat is for Man” by Ravi Sookhoo feat. Vedesh Sookoo plays.

In her caption, she lightly pokes fun at her weight, “No shade to thin women…but here on the island, I’m up to 12 marriage proposals and counting.”

Many fans found the post humorous but some took issue with it. One person commented, “That was semi shady. Which sucks. But ok, girl.”

Does that mean she’s single and ready to mingle?

Whitney Way Thore’s romantic life is of major interest to viewers. During Season 9, she developed a crush on her online French tutor but wasn’t able to meet him in person due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She did travel to his native France once COVID restrictions allowed. However, she hasn’t updated fans about the status of her relationship in a while.

Whitney has been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Lennie a lot lately, but hasn’t shared any details.

What do you think of Whitney Way Thore receiving multiple proposals in the same week? Share your reaction in the comments below.

Tune in to the Season 10 premiere of MBFFL on Tuesday, August 9. 

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