Teresa Giudice, ‘RHONJ,’ Directs Shade At Joe & Melissa Gorga

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Without a doubt, Teresa Giudice is a feisty cast member. It’s been a multiple-season saga of drama between Teresa Giudice, brother, Joe Gorga, and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. So it’s no surprise that when Teresa posted about a “toxic relationship” that the Gorgas immediately jumped to the conclusion it was about them. And to be honest, most people are thinking the same thing.

Teresa Giudice Being Sweet And Salty

Recently, Teresa Giudice wished her daughter, Gabriella well as she left home to begin her college career in Michigan. To illustrate her sweet side, Teresa offered a beautifully, encouraging “goodbye” to her daughter. “My [porcelain] doll Gabriella, As you embark on this exciting journey at the University of Michigan, I want you to know how deeply proud I am of you,” stated Teresa in an August 26 Instagram post.


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“Seeing you grow into the incredible woman you are becoming, fills my heart with indescribable joy. Your strength, resilience, and determination inspire me each and every day. Cherish the opportunities that lie ahead, and remember to embrace every experience that comes your way.” Then sweetly adding, “You are my sunshine, my pride, and my everything. Wherever life takes you, I will always be here, cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way … With all my love, Mommy.”

However, around the same time, Teresa Giudice showed a little of her salty side as well on Instagram.

Who’s Being Toxic?

Sooner or later that salty side comes out to play.  In this situation, Teresa Giudice pushed out a post on her Instagram Stories. When Teresa shared a video via @dominatingmotivation it assumedly shaded her brother and sister-in-law. In summary, the video is Taylor Swift discussing, “You don’t have to forgive and you don’t have to forget.” Swift continued with the idea that you can just become indifferent, and then move past whatever you need to get through.

When Taylor Swift was asked if she believes in forgiveness, she said, “Yes, absolutely!” But she offered a caveat, “Like for people that are important in your life who have added, who have enriched your life and made it better.” Taylor concluded, “But I think that, you know, if something’s toxic, and it’s only ever really been that, what are you gonna do? Just move on.” Unsurprisingly, as Teresa Giudice placed the video on her stories people have drawn conclusions about it shading the Gorgas.


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Seeing Lots Of Connections

Concerning moving on from toxic situations, there has been a direct connection made to the relationship portrayed on RHONJ. Undeniably, there is tension since the three are now being forced to film together for the new season. Teresa Giudice appears to be ignoring them. Also supporting this idea, Teresa was reportedly not invited to her brother’s birthday bash. Therefore, it is easy to assume the post was probably pointed at Joe and Melissa Gorga. There have been plenty of past interactions that would make fans believe this is the case.

Is it direct shade to the Gorgas? Do you agree with Taylor Swift’s mindset on toxic relationships? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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