‘RHONJ’ Joe Gorga Flips Bird To Teresa Giudice In Ultimate Diss

Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice-YouTube

RHONJ househusband Joe Gorga flipped the bird to his sister, Teresa Giudice in the ultimate diss recently. His wife, Melissa Gorga has started filming Season 14 of the hit Bravo series with Teresa again. They had attended an event where the two women were in the same vicinity but it looked like it would be an interesting season. Now, Joe has done something to his sister that no one would have expected. Read on for more details.

RHONJ Joe Gorga Flips Bird To Teresa Giudice In Ultimate Diss

When Season 13 of RHONJ ended, it looked like the damage between Joe Gorga and Teresa Gorga was irreparable. She said that she never wanted to see his wife, Melissa again. More so, she said it numerous times and even stormed off the stage. It appeared that the network would have to choose between the women. Ultimately, they brought back the whole cast regardless of who got along but they changed the filming dates. Now that they are filming again, there has already been one event that all of the women were at.

Teresa Giudice-Instagram
Teresa Giudice-Instagram

As predicted, Melissa and Teresa kept to themselves but what about the rest of the season? They cannot possibly go on that way. It seems that they can. According to The Sun, Joe Gorga just celebrated his birthday with the entire cast and all of the househusbands. However, there was one clear no-show and that was his sister and her husband, Luis Ruelas. The lavish event went down Saturday, August 19th in Tom’s River, New Jersey, and was hosted at Melissa’s multi-million dollar beach home.

Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram
Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram

An insider shared that Teresa was purposely not invited to Joe Gorga’s birthday bash. More so, the insider added this: “They haven’t spoken since the reunion.” Furthermore, an additional insider had this to say: “It’s still an open wound for Joe. He’s upset and of course would’ve loved to have his sister at the party, but their relationship is over at this point.” As of now, this is just how their lives are going to be for the foreseeable future.

Forever On Camera

Undoubtedly, viewers will get to see Teresa Giudice’s reaction to not being invited to Joe Gorga’s beach birthday bash. The event was filmed for Season 14 and she will most likely have a lot to say. It seems like there will either be a lot of separate events or ones where there is blatant avoidance. As to how fans will react to this new dynamic is yet to be seen but they won’t hold back their feeling when the series returns.

Do you think that Teresa should have received an invite just to be polite or did the Gorgas do the right thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Theresa deserves to be ignored. She claims to be all about family, yet she is estranged from everyone in her family. Joe and Melissa are two sneaky wannabes. Theresa believes she runs the show. Prefer the show without Joe or Theresa.

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