‘Yellowstone:’ Kevin Costner Bonds With Daughter Over Taylor Swift

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The 68-year-old Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner was spotted bonding with his 13-year-old daughter, Grace, over Taylor Swift recently. According to a report from The Daily Mail, the Dances With Wolves star was clocked in one of the SoFi Stadium’s luxuries suites on Monday night jamming out to Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour with his daughter, Grace.

Amid a nasty and very public divorce from his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner, fans of the actor loved seeing Kevin find time to bond with his daughter.

Several photos of Kevin Costner enjoying the concert with his daughter are making rounds on social media.

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Yellowstone: Kevin Costner Bonds With Daughter Over Taylor Swift

Kevin and his beautiful daughter were spotted enthusiastically enjoying one of Taylor Swift’s well-known breakup songs titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” The ironic timing of the Yellowstone actor jamming out to this iconic break-up song was not lost on his fans.

With a very subtle grin plastered across his face, the photos revealed Kevin Costner appeared to be having a grand time enjoying the concert with his daughter.

Kevin Costner dressed to impress. The actor donned a white button-down dress shirt. And, he paired it with stylish gray trousers. He adorned his wrists with several colorful wristbands as he blissfully sang along to some of the songs with his daughter. At one point in time, the Yellowstone actor even removed his gaze from Taylor’s performance to snap some photos of Grace and her friend.

His Net Worth: Can Afford Tickets With Ease

From a financial point of view, Kevin’s attendance at the Taylor Swift concert did not come as a surprise. Fans assume reserving a luxury suite was a drop in the bucket for a man like Kevin.

After all, the actor reportedly has a net worth that is somewhere between $250 and $400 million. Likewise, he has also received recognition as one of the highest-paid TV stars. He was reportedly netting $1M per episode of Yellowstone.

While Kevin Costner was enjoying a Taylor Swift jam session with his daughter, his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner was reportedly settling into her new temporary home.

Per an earlier report from The Daily Mail, Christine’s temporary mountain home located in Santa Barbara costs $35,000 a month. The home is also located just 10 miles away from her previous home. As fans who have been following this divorce know, Christine had previously told Daily Mail she was worried Kevin was “out for revenge.” 

Did you find it sweet that Kevin Costner found time with bond with his daughter? Bond with her by attending a Taylor Swift concert. Moreover, does Kevin strike you as a Taylor Swift fan? Could his presence at the concert reflect his genuine enjoyment of the singer’s music? Or, do you think he just went to the concert because his daughter likes her music?

Share your answers to these questions in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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