Danielle Jonas Declines Spot On ‘RHONJ’

Danielle Jonas

The Jonas Brothers got their start in New Jersey and are finding their way back now.  Furthermore, the brothers have always expressed strong ties to their home state. Danielle and Kevin Jonas have stayed in New Jersey primarily. Seemingly, this has a lot to do with Danielle Jonas’ desire to stay there. It sounds like the brothers all intend to bring their families back to New Jersey as well. With the brothers’ desire to move home and Danielle Jonas’ insistence on staying, it seemed perfect for Bravo to invite Danielle to join RHONJ.

Jonas Brothers’ Journey Home

To illustrate, NickiSwift.com mentioned in an interview with MTV in 2019, that the Jonas brothers gave a nod to their home state. To explain, the brothers spoke about their comeback, “In a different way for us, we’re going back to our roots,” commented Joe Jonas. “We’re playing The Stone Pony here in New Jersey. We just waited for the right VMA to show up again. It’s a special venue, and so many iconic artists have started their careers here.” It put them on the path to getting back to New Jersey. For Danielle Jonas, she had “enough” time outside of New Jersey she said during a New Jersey Monthly interview. She seems happy and content to be living there with her family.


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Danielle Jonas Explains Her Reason For Saying “No”

Danielle Jonas was generously offered a spot on RHONJ by Bravo. So no surprise on “The Lady Gang” podcast in July 2023, Kevin and Danielle Jonas were quite genuine with the hosts and the subject came up. They openly discussed whether or not to put their kids into show business. And as the conversation moved on, it landed on the topic of Danielle and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And while she had already turned down Bravo’s offer, it was a fun interaction no less.

She admitted, “I think I would die in it. I think they would, like, they would kill me.” In agreement, Kevin added it would be like “bringing the lamb to the slaughter over there.” He expressed he believes in Danielle, but thinks she made the right decision for herself and the family to sit this one out.


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Danielle Jonas Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Admittedly, Danielle Jonas is known for being a gentle heart from her former reality TV show. Given that, no one can fault her for not wanting to be in the middle of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Additionally, it’s hard to stay peaceful when interacting with cast members like Teresa Guidice and Melissa Gorga. Generally, she has found plenty of success on her own, and paired with the big haul that Kevin Jonas brings in…they are set. Unfortunately, there’s truly no benefit for her at this point to be fed to the wolves.

What do you think? Should Danielle Jonas reconsider a spot on RHONJ? Do you think she was right to bow out? Is this a missed opportunity on her part? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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