‘Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown Set The Tone With One Action

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Did Sister Wives couple Kody and Robyn Brown set the tone with a singular action? More so, what tone did they set and what exactly was the action? They have done a lot of distasteful things since they wed in 2010. Yet, did something truly push everyone over the edge? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Kody & Robyn Brown Set The Tone With One Action

Fans have seen the way that the dynamic in the plural family changed once Robyn (Sullivan) Brown entered the picture. She quickly became Kody Brown’s favorite as she was adoring and obedient. These were things that his former third wife Christine Brown had been for years. However, she was draining herself dry and finally had to learn when to put her foot down. This did not work so well but luckily, Robyn was there to pick up the pieces and has been ever since. His other wives eventually opened up about the favoritism but what did the couple do that set a specific tone?

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According to a Reddit thread, there was one specific action that just laid the foundation of a broken family. The OP maintained that it was when Robyn Brown went dress shopping with the other three wives. This was supposed to be a super sweet bonding experience but then they learned she went back with Kody. He was the one who ultimately picked out her dress, he was giddy to share this detail, which was a betrayal. They added: “In doing this, Robyn basically told the OG wives that her only alliance is with Kody.”

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So, what did other Redditors have to say? “Kody revealing the truth was what made that episode so impactful,” one pointed out. They also noted that Robyn should have realized that he didn’t have an allegiance to anyone. Another added: “Kody has the emotional maturity of a five year old and he had to brag that his new wife trusted him with a secret, something the OG wives had learned not to do by that time.”

The Demeanor

Finally, one pointed out: “What got me about that scene was Kody’s demeanor. He didn’t apologize or act remorseful. He was positively giddy to reveal he’d broken his wives trust.” Robyn Brown did not have any true remorse for breaking her future sister wives’ hearts. More so, some of the wives noted that they never even got to pick out their dresses so that added to the burn of the moment. This could have set the tone for relationships or it could have just been the beginning of the favoritism.

Do you think that this was the beginning of the end? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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