Scheana Shay Exposes How She Knows Rachel Leviss’ High Salary

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Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay is exposing how she knows Rachel Leviss’ high salary. Though Leviss claimed that she has not seen any money from the scandal, this is simply untrue. So, what’s the real story and how would Scheana possibly know about Leviss’ financial status? Read on for more details.

Scheana Shay Exposes How She Knows Rachel Leviss’ High Salary

When Rachel Leviss appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast, she had a lot to say. Not all of it added up for both the listeners and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars. She alleged that she and Ariana Madix were not close friends and that Scheana Shay embellished their closeness, as well. Scheana said that she gave Rachel a place to live when she and James Kennedy called off their engagement and treated her like a little sister. Of course, Leviss said she did her part for Scheana by helping out at her apartment and taking care of her cat. It seemed like these relationships were not as intense as they were portrayed and Rachel was determined to expose this.

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Now, Scheana Shay is speaking up for herself, mainly on one very vital topic and that is payment. Rachel claimed she did not see a penny from ‘Scandoval.’ Furthermore, she demanded to be paid the same as Madix and Tom Sandoval. Keep in mind that Leviss was an occasional cast member starting in Season 5 and became a real presence by Season 7. Sandoval was an OG with Ariana joining in Season 2. According to Us Weekly, it was actually Scheana who helped Rachel get the pay she received for Season 10. This was fairly high.

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Scheana Shay broke it down for her listeners: “I know for a fact [how much Raquel made] because she thanked me for getting her with the attorney she was with last season. He was able to negotiate her $19,000 an episode. For 19 episodes, that is $361,000.” This goes along with what Lisa Vanderpump said when TMZ stopped her. She said this same exact amount as for what Rachel Leviss was paid for Season 10 and that’s a nice chunk of change.

Is Ariana Rich?

It was brought up that Ariana Madix was profiting from all of this when she was one of the core people hurt by ‘Scandoval.’ She spoke to Scheana Shay about her financial situation and cleared that up. “I think a lot of people on the internet seem to think that I am rolling in money right now. I have a lot of places that that money has to go,” she shared. She went on to add: “I am not rich. I do not have millions of dollars.” More so, she wants to take care of herself, not having come from money. Seems like she knows what she is doing and will land on her feet.

Are you shocked that Scheana helped Rachel get the amount that she made? Plus, do you think that Rachel will ever give Scheana credit for that or pretend it never happened? Finally, is Ariana being fiscally smart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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