Ariana Madix Feels Need To Lock Sandoval Out Of Her Room

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix shared that she feels the need to lock her ex out of her room. She dated Tom Sandoval for nearly a decade and they own a home together. For now, they are still sharing this home despite his indiscretions but Madix confessed she takes all precautions when she is there. Why? Read on for more details.

Ariana Madix Feels Need To Lock Sandoval Out Of Her Room

When Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval bought their home, this was the closest thing to marriage they would ever get. She never wanted to tie the knot or have children and he knew this. Yet, she did want to leave his apartment for something bigger and more stable, which made sense. As time went on, they both got more involved in different businesses and she even froze her eggs for the possibility of maybe having a family. Sadly, all of this was shattered when he had a months-long affair with their fellow cast member, Rachel Leviss.

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval-Instagram
Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval-Instagram

They stayed in the same home but had a mediator in order to come and go comfortably. Fortunately, Ariana Madix was really busy filming a movie, endorsements, friends, and a new beau. Now, she is opening up about the struggles of still living with Sandoval. According to Us Weekly, she spoke out on Scheana Shay’s Scheananigans podcast about the situation. The Something About Her sandwich shop owner explained that she does sleep better now that they are broken up. However, she has it under lock and key.

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“In that regard, I sleep a lot easier at night not giving a f—k about when he is coming through that door. That is one thing I have to say about us living in the same house. I don’t have to think about how he is coming into my bedroom because he is not. I sleep with my door locked. Just in case.” Prior to saying this, Madix talked about how they struggled at the end of their relationship. She noted that he was staying out all night and she never knew when he was coming home.

It’s Sandoval’s Home

Though Ariana Madix is currently figuring out her next moves and where she will go, Tom Sandoval was supposedly offered a free place. Rachel Leviss shared that she told him he could stay in her apartment while she was in treatment but he declined. Of course, there was the Howie Mandel interview where Sandoval maintained that he kept the home running with all of the batteries and paper towels. In the end, it seems like they are making the best of an undesirable situation.

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