Stassi Schroeder Lashes Out, Bethenny Did Lazy F*king Interview

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Vanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder is lashing out at Bethenny Frankel over her podcast interview with Rachel Leviss. There have been other cast members who expressed their thoughts about it. Some have not even listened but still grabbed highlights and are fuming over it. As for Stassi, she has some words for Frankel and is not holding back. What did she have to say? Read on for more details.

Stassi Schroeder Lashes Out, Bethenny Did Lazy F*king Interview

Recently, Rachel Leviss gave her first interview with Bethenny Frankel on her Just B podcast. Many felt it was filled with lies and slightly exploitative. Leviss also revealed that she officially was not returning to Vanderpump Rules, something Lala Kent took exception to. Now, former co-star, Stassi Schroeder is speaking out and she has a lot of feelings about what was said. Additionally, she has some choice words for Bethenny. Keep in mind, Frankel openly admitted that she had never watched the show before but did prep by watching the Season 10 reunion.

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According to Us Weekly, Stassi Schroeder opened up the floodgates on her Wednesday, August 23rd episode of her Straight Up With Stassi podcast. “It was almost like Bethenny was trying to make Ariana look bad. It’s like, that’s not the route we should be taking right now. Ariana hasn’t done anything wrong,” Stassi noted. She went on to address the fact that Ariana Madix and her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval still live together. “She’s not living with Sandoval because she’s forgiven him. She’s living with Sandoval because she’s like, ‘This is my house too and I refuse to leave my own home,’ and Sandoval is being a gaslighting prick motherf–ker who is refusing to leave.”

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Ariana recently commented on a post that she was working with a financial planner to figure out the best route for her. Yet, Stassi was not done with Bethenny as she told her to “shut up.” Mainly because she did not believe that the RHONY alum truly understood why the exes were still cohabitating. She also felt that Bethenny’s interview was “lazy” as she failed to do proper research by bingeing the series to know the full context of why the scandal was so major.

Not Always Friends

Faithful Vanderpump Rules viewers may recall that Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix were not always the best of friends. Though Stassi really tried in Season 5, she was not met with the best reception. Finally, by Season 7, they were throwing a birthday party together and it seemed the troubles had resolved themselves. Since Stassi never cared for Tom Sandoval, she was Team Ariana when the cheating scandal happened.

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