Jason Tartick Admits Grieving Kaitlyn Bristowe Split Is Awful

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Bachelorette alum Jason Tartick admits that losing Kaitlyn Bristowe has been awful. The two announced their split recently after being together for four years. Slowly they are both opening up more about their breakup and how they are coping with the loss. Keep reading to find out more.

Jason Tartick reveals that grieving Kaitlyn Bristowe relationship is awful

Jason Tartick admits he is not trying at all to thrive right now in his life. He’s trying to barely survive. Losing his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe has been devasting to them both. He opened up more about it and how he’s coping on his podcast Trading Secrets.

Jason said that while Kaitlyn has been in Los Angeles he was thankful to have their dogs Pinot and Ramen with him. He went on to share that while the majority of his podcast platform is talking about career and money issues, the big foundation of life is who you have around you.

Jason continued noting that even though Pinot and Ramen are dogs they are his best friends. He said, “Having a great support system [in the] last month to few months has been everything to me. I’ve leaned on them harder than I’ve ever in my life — ever — leaned on my support system.”

Jason revealed that his breakup with Kaitlyn is the hardest thing he’s ever experienced. He said, “And I feel fortunate saying this at 34, but the grief that I have experienced in the last, like, few months is the hardest grief I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I know when I say that at 34, that I am so lucky that a breakup with a fiancée is the hardest grief I’ve ever experienced.”

With all that said he is trying to heal and he said he is slowly doing so in baby steps.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick from Instagram

He has big decisions to make

Kaitlyn revealed that right now Jason is living down the street from him. Jason shared that his current situation is very temporary and he has a lot to figure out. Jason has to decide if he is going to buy or rent and where he is going to go.

Either way, he and Kaitlyn have decided to co-parent their two dogs Ramen and Pinot.

He went on to share that he has good moments and then major waves of depression. Through therapy, he is learning that “grieving is just the whole process of honoring, respecting and having love for what was, but then also at the same time, with the same level, and if not more, honoring, respecting and having love for what is.”

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Jason is trying to find his way just as Kaitlyn is. She has said that perhaps down the road they could reconcile.

What do you think about Jason’s honesty about how he’s feeling?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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