‘ABP’ Noah Brown Shares Rare Picture Of Son, Adam

Noah Brown from IG

Noah Brown often keeps his social media accounts about himself and what he is doing as far as Alaskan Bush People material. However, occasionally he lets fans into his home life with Rhain and his two sons, Eli and Adam. Noah recently let fans see a pic of Adam, showing how fast he is growing.

Here is a look at the two pictures that Noah shared of Adam and what the Alaskan Bush People star is up to.

Noah Brown shares photo of son Adam

Noah Brown shares his kids’ lives on Alaskan Bush People. Unlike Gabe, whose wife prefers to remain behind the scenes, Noah’s wife Rhain is a main character on Alaskan Bush People. While not as out in the open as Bear’s wife Raiven, Rhain has no problem letting their family story play out on the Discovery Channel reality TV show.

Noah Brown in an IG pic

Last season, part of the storyline showed Noah and Rhain slightly disagreeing on Eli’s education. Rhain wanted him in school so he could learn around other kids while Noah believes in home school learning. Rhain won that battle, although Noah also said that Eli would learn a lot at home about things that are also important in life outside of school classes.

However, Adam was born in 2021 and was mostly just seen in the background as a baby in the Noah Brown household. That might change in the new Alaskan Bush People season, especially since Noah is working hard on their home away from home. Until then, Noah gave fans a chance to see an up-close picture of Adam on Instagram with two different photos on his page.

Noah Brown son Adam / IG

In the first photo, Noah was off to the side and it was more a photo of Adam smiling at the camera while wearing his dad’s hat. The second photo had Noah and Adam side by side, showing the resemblance. Noah captioned the pic, “My tired big boy.” Fans flooded the comments, talking about how much Adam looks like his dad.

What is Noah Brown up to?

While there was no indication of where Noah Broan and Adam were in the photo. However, Noah’s story from last season offers strong hints. Last season on Alaskan Bush People, Noah bought an island home in Alaska. However, he is not moving his family to this island.

Noah Brown with Adam / IG

Instead, for now, the Alaskan home is a summer home for Noah and his family. It is also where Noah and Rhain plan to retire to when their kids are grown up. For now, Noah said he has a lot of work to do on the island. He planned to go there this summer to work on it with Rhain and the boys. That should play out on the next Alaskan Bush People season, as well as Eli starting school this month.

Are you surprised at how fast Adam is growing in the pictures shown by Noah Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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