‘The View’ Coming Back Or Is It Cancelled?

The hosts of The View / YouTube

The View is not on the air right now and there are concerns that it won’t be back and was canceled. There was some news spreading around social media about the popular daytime talk show getting canceled, and now fans are wondering about the fate of their favorite talk show hosts.

Here is a look at the fate of The View and what this means for the ladies who star in the show.

Was The View canceled?

News started to flood onto social media last week indicating The View was canceled. This came from a YouTube video that showed Whoopi Goldberg panicking because The View was canceled after a recent backlash. The reason for the cancelation was the WGA strike, which took away the writers from the show. The end of the most recent season saw the women sitting around and talking about issues without a writing team supplying them with bullet points to talk about.

Joy on The View / YouTube

Whoopi Goldberg joked about this when it happened, saying that fans will finally get to see what they really think when they have no writers helping them. However, according to the YouTube video, this ended up causing the cancelation of the show because “the show’s quality, as the witty banter and thought-provoking discussions we’ve come to expect started to dwindle.”

The WGA strike is still ongoing, and the SAG-AFTRA strike has pulled actors out of the workplace as well. This also seemed to cause panic among fans of daytime talk shows. However, talk show hosts are part of an entirely different union than SAG-AFTRA. While people like Whoopi are in both unions, the strike does not affect the daytime talk shows (or game shows). There is nothing keeping The View from returning outside of the lack of writers.

The View has not been canceled. The YouTube video was fake news and nothing in it was true. It was just another instance of people trying to fool the more gullible fans of TV shows. The View will return to ABC.

When will The View be back on TV?

The View is on its regular summer hiatus in between seasons. The most recent season ended at the start of August and the ladies will be on a break until September. The last episode was on Friday, August 4, and The View was pre-taped, annoying the fans who wanted to see a live episode end the season.

The hosts of The View / YouTube

Now, there will be a short wait until the show is back. The View return date is on Tuesday, September 5, the day after Labor Day.

Had you heard about the rumored cancelation of The View? Are you happy to know it is coming back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The view is lopsided. There are more democraps than republicans. No wonder the republicans leave the show. They get attacked by an unequal number of democraps. If you want more republicans to watch your show, make it equal on both sides.

    1. Yes.. they are such cheerleaders for the Democrats… No real diversity in talking points as much as they attempt to satisfy and argue every little thing until they make sense to themselves. Not all women have these views … CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL

      1. I agree. It should have been taken off the air permanently years ago. I purposely run to the TV anytime I accidently leave it on the channel when it comes on. This is definitely not a show for entertainment.

    2. The view is a feminist attack machine .It is on the air and supported by Feminists who hate men unless the man is submissive to their view no pun intended.

    3. The biggest slap in the face for educated women everywhere. Hateful, divisive females on the attack. I despise everything about this “show”. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel


  3. Joy Behar is the most obnoxious person on television!!! I’m fine with the View just get rid of this moron!!

  4. Hope It Will be back without Whoopi and Joy. Moderator Alyssa Farah Griffin hope ABC put her in that role.

  5. Hopefully, the show will be cancelled for good. Joy and Whoopi never have anything meaningful or intelligent to say about any topic. Sunny is just hostile, bitter, angry and obviously racist. None of them seem to have any knowledge of the topics that are discussed on the show. All they have to offer are their own uninformed biased opinions. They are just a bunch of hateful angry witches.

  6. Cancel the show, its best for America, or leave it on, it would be best for China (Biden).

    Shut it down, all propaganda. Just tired of the lies that spew out.

  7. This show is an arm of the Democratic Party that attacks the Republican Party. Is there any other show on network television that slants Republican and try’s to destroy Democrats? No there isn’t. Interesting how the propaganda machine is owned by the networks. That why people need to stop watching all television!!

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