‘The View’ Fans Outraged & Insulted Over Finale Episode

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The View fans are outraged and insulted after watching the finale episode this week. Something about the final episode of Season 26 left viewers pretty upset, but why? What unexpected change prompted angry tweets? Keep reading to find out what happened and how fans feel about it.

The View Season 26 Finale Airs

On Friday, August 4, The View Season 26 finale aired on ABC. It’s been another fun season, but of course, all good things must come to an end. Along the way, there’s been plenty of drama between the five co-hosts as they duke it out. Now, viewers are voicing their thoughts after watching the newest episode. And it is not getting the love and praise that might have been expected.

Note that Friday’s episode was missing Whoopi due to it being her day off.

The View logo
The View logo

When the episode began, fans were taken by surprise. There was a huge change to the episode that was totally unexpected. On the screen, there was a note that read, “Previously recorded.” So, the finale wasn’t a live show like fans thought it would be.

Below, you can see the message showing that the finale was recorded and not live.

The View - YouTube
The View – YouTube

It’s worth noting that the Season 25 finale was also pre-recorded. However, most of the series’ episodes are live, which is why fans thought this one would be too.

Fans Express Outrage Online

After watching The View Season 26 finale, fans hopped on social media to voice their opinions. And it’s clear to see that not everyone was happy. One Twitter user said, “I really, really hate when you pre-record a show and then act like it’s live. It’s super insulting to the intelligent viewers that watch your show.”

The fan went on to say that they were hoping to hear Sunny’s insight on the verdict in Washington, D.C. But because the episode was pre-recorded, this timely event was left out.

Another Twitter user claimed that all The View does is lie. Other similar tweets are rolling in as fans gather their thoughts about this surprising change to the finale.

When Will The View Season 27 Premiere?

There’s a short break before the ABC daytime talk show returns with fresh episodes. The new season kicks off after Labor Day, so it’s about a month away. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farrah Griffin are all coming back for the new season. 

Now, fans are just hopeful that the new season will feature live episodes instead of pre-recorded ones. If the pre-recorded shows continue, it’s clear to see that viewers will be very unhappy.

So, what do you think of the finale episode of The View being pre-recorded rather than live? Did you notice this? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows and hosts.

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  1. This show has jumped the shark. They are not fooling anyone with their so call two Republicans. They are totally biased, and I would like them to stop with the political commentary. They are out of touch nasty old ladies. They don’t represent thinking women. Either get some fresh unbiased blood or end the show. I will not watch it again.

  2. I did not enjoy the show on Friday. I don’t like it when they over-talk one another – it is childish and immature as ladies. If they disagree with one another – that’s ok, but let the person “TALK” and not interrupt when she is pointing out her view(s). Since they were bickering with one another I decided to turn off the TV at 10:50AM.

  3. Honestly, I record the show each and EVERY day when they are new episodes. I didn’t catch the pre-recorded message at the bottom of the screen. They do get very passionate and talk over one another…but I have noticed in previous episodes that has tamed down. NO do not stop with the political commentary. Honesty is what needs out there..and you can disagree with them…but when they make a mistake they own it. Nasty old ladies…please..if all your interested in is what’s going on outside of some of the political stuff that needs said…go watch “the talk” or Kelly and what’s his name.

    1. If you don’t like the program, then watch something else. These shows do not please everyone!
      There were plenty of other shows with political commentary on Friday you could have watched.

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