Sara Haines Teases New Career Move Amid ‘The View’ Absence?

Sara Haines Backstage Selfie [Source: Sara Haines - Instagram]

Sara Haines teased fans amid her absence from The View. She took to Instagram to share a mysterious update. The talk show host enjoyed a hot drink. It might be a new venture on the horizon. Keep on reading for more details and see the post for yourself.

Fans are happy to see Sara Haines back

Amid her absence, Sara Haines shared an update on social media. On Friday, February 17, she shared a clip of herself enjoying a hot drink from Starbucks. The View co-host didn’t include any other context for the mysterious post. Sara looked directly at the camera as she shared a boomerang of her taking a sip from the holiday-themed Starbucks cup.

Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin & Alyssa Farah Griffin [Source: Sara Haines - Instagram]
[Source: Sara Haines – Instagram]
She wore the same black-and-blue blouse that she wore on The View. It looks like she filmed the clip backstage at the ABC daytime show. Some fans wonder if Sara Haines was teasing a new venture with Starbucks. She could be the news spokesperson for the popular coffee brand.

The former Good Morning America co-anchor coyly wrote across the clip “Hot Tea & Me.” She made a cheeky expression in the video. Fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them were happy to see Sara Haines back on The View.

  • “Love you @sarahaines.”
  • “Glad you’re finally back!”
  • “@sarahaines Wondered where you have been, happy to see you back on.”

Sara made her return to Friday’s broadcast of The View. Ana Navarro also returned after her brief absence. As per usual, moderator Whoopi Goldberg was missing from the talk show. Joy Behar filled in for her and shared the hot topics of the day with the panel.

Many co-hosts go missing from The View

Fans recently reacted to the latest episodes of The View on social media. Most of them were concerned about the missing co-hosts. Sara Haines wasn’t the only one who was absent for several days. Alyssa Farah Griffin went missing as well. She took a few days off.

Sara Haines Drinks Tea [Source: Sara Haines - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Sara Haines – Instagram Stories]
Sara first went missing on Wednesday. On Thursday’s episode, fans noticed that Alyssa was also absent. At the time, fans took to Twitter to address their concerns. They wanted to know where most of the panel went.

  • “Wonder why the other two are missing today ????!?”
  • “No Alyssa today! Just 4 of them today.”
  • “Where are Sara and Alyssa?”
  • “Where is everyone today?!”
  • “Yay 😃! No Alyssa today !!!! No Sara either !!!! Enjoy everybody!!!”

As for Ana, she is normally out on Mondays and Fridays. However, she was missing briefly and returned on Friday. What are your thoughts on Sara Haines’ new Instagram post? Do you think she’s teasing a new career move? Sound off below in the comment section.

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