‘The View’ Co-Host Hits Joy Behar With Backhanded Insult

Joy Behar - The View, YouTube

One of The View‘s co-hosts recently hit out at Joy Behar with a backhanded insult.

On Thursday’s episode of the show, the panel shared their thoughts on National Intern Day. But after Joy made a comment about one of her intern experiences, one of the hosts nailed her with a backhanded insult. Read on to find out who took a jab at Joy, and what they said.

Joy Recently Shared How Long She’ll Be On The Show

Joy Behar has been on the show since it first started in 1997. Out of 26 seasons, she’s only missed two.

The 80-year-old has become synonymous with the sometimes-contentious panel, and it’s hard to imagine the show without her. But a recent discussion with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin made viewers realize that she doesn’t plan to be there forever. The panel was discussing whether or not any of them would want to be housewives if they didn’t have children to care for at home. Alyssa said that women should only choose based on what brings them the most fulfillment.

Joy Behar - The View - Good Morning America, YouTube
Joy Behar – The View – Good Morning America, YouTube

She added that, for her own fulfillment, she would like to “work forever.” She pointed to Joy as an example of someone who chose to work their whole life. But Joy playfully corrected her. She quipped, “What makes you think I wanna work forever?” Joy jokingly called Alyssa “nuts,” before saying, “No, no no.” So while we don’t know exactly when she’ll tap out from her long-running position, she doesn’t plan to work forever.

A View Co-Host Hits Joy Behar With Backhanded Insult

Although she may be rethinking her chance to stick around after one of the show’s hosts hit Joy Behar with a backhanded insult.

The panel included Joy, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa, Sara Haines, and Rachel Lindsay, who was filling in for Sunny Hostin. But it was one specific moment between Sara and Joy that had viewers wincing. Whoopi started the segment off by announcing that it was National Intern Day. Alyssa explained that she interned on Capitol Hill. Rachel interned at the NBA. Sara said that she waited tables during the summer between college semesters. Joy added, “I worked at a mental hospital.”

Sara Haines - The View - Good Morning America, YouTube
Sara Haines – The View – Good Morning America, YouTube

The panel shared a moment of laughter. But then Sara sarcastically remarked, “It doesn’t count if you were a patient, Joy!” The co-hosts laughed, and then Whoopi brought the show’s interns out to celebrate them.

Do you think Sara Haines‘ joke was a little rude? Or was it a playful moment between her and Joy Behar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And tune in to ABC on weekday mornings at 11 AM EST to catch Joy, Sara, and the rest of The View crew.

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