When Does ‘The View’ Return With New Episodes?

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The View finished up its season with a pre-taped episode last week and now is on its summer break. The final new episode aired on August 4 and the show will take a few weeks off before returning with new episodes as the fall season starts to kick in.

Here is a look at when The View will be back and what to expect.

When will The View have new episodes again?

The last episode of The View Season 26 aired on Friday, August 4. It was an episode that angered many fans because it wasn’t a live episode. Instead, the episode opened with the statement that this was pre-taped, so anyone who wanted to see live reactions to what was happening in the world at this moment didn’t get it. However, this is not new, as it was also how the last season finale aired.

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While the hiatus might be tough for some fans of The View, who are used to watching the show every day, it won’t be a long one. The View return date is Tuesday, September 5. This means the show returns the day after Labor Day 2023.

This is also great news for anyone who has believed some of the fake news sites being shared on social media. Whether shared by people who aren’t familiar with the show or by people wantingly trying to confuse viewers, The View has shown up in several of these fake news stories.

One story claimed ABC canceled The View. That is not only untrue but completely false since ABC just signed three of the main hosts to return for two more seasons. Another fake news story indicated that Jason Aldean was suing the show and its hosts. That was also not true, and there is no lawsuit threatening the popular talk show.

Is everyone coming back to The View for the fall season?

The most recent season of The View was different than many seasons over its time on the air. This is because Meghan McCain left and her replacement Alyssa Farah Griffin was much more willing to discuss topics with the other hosts. The anger and conflicts that defined McCain’s tenure on the show ended. It seemed like a more calm season.

The hosts of The View / YouTube

There is good news for fans who want to see all the women discussing current topics and keeping cool heads while offering differing opinions. All the hosts return to Season 27. This means Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro all return next season. On top of that Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny all signed multi-year extensions through Season 28. They will be around when the 2024 election cycle arrives.

Will you miss The View while it’s on the summer hiatus? What do you want to see when it comes back this fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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