‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Owes Thousands In Taxes To California

Maci Bookout-Teen Mom-YouTube

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is on the hook for thousands of dollars in taxes to the state of California. Despite the fact that she, her husband, and their children do not even live there, she owes a lot of money. So, how much does she owe and why? Read on for more details on this situation.

Teen Mom Maci Bookout Owes Thousands In Taxes To California

Things had been looking up financially for Maci Bookout as her husband, Taylor McKinney was really into flipping houses. It seemed that he was making a decent profit on them, as well. Plus, Maci’s name was attached to some of the homes and properties that they had been purchasing so she would be benefitting. It has been a crazy time as Maci’s ex-fiance, Ryan Edwards was struggling in a horrid prison and was released early to go rehab. While this was happening, his first scenes back on Teen Mom were airing. So, all of that was about to resurface.

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Apparently, something else in Maci Bookout’s life was about to come back and haunt her. According to In Touch Weekly, there is a $14,227.00 tax lien that Maci owes in California. Yet, she also owes over 12K to California from six years ago, though it is unclear what for. Nearly a decade ago, the mother of three was in deep for owing 78K to the IRS. This was money owed from 2011 that they had not received so she had to pay up. It appeared that she was in the clear but now, that does not seem correct.

Maci Bookout-Teen Mom-YouTube
Maci Bookout-Teen Mom-YouTube

Again, it is not explained what she owes money for exactly and what this lien is on. However, she and Taylor made a pretty penny off of their recent house-flipping sale. Therefore, it should not be a problem to pay back this money in a timely manner. She also owns a clothing line with Taylor that can easily be promoted during the new season of Teen Mom. So far, it seems that Maci has not addressed this lien and most likely, she never will.

Bringing Back Ryan

Though he was fired, Teen Mom brought back Ryan Edwards to mend fences with Maci Bookout. Plus, he needed to reconnect with their teenage son, Bentley. However, he was facing a lot in his personal life including issues with his now estranged wife, Mackenzie. His stint was short as he was arrested and eventually, as aforementioned, put in jail. Hopefully, this time, he can come back better than ever and actually have learned his lesson.

Are you shocked that Maci Bookout owes so much money to California? More so, should she be allowed to collect money from the show until she pays it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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