Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend Stands Up For Her Man

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Jon Gosselin and his two kids, Hannah and Collin teamed up to claim abusive behavior by his ex-wife, Kate, and now Jon’s secret girlfriend, Stephanie Lebo spoke out in defense of him. The drama expanded after the family reacted to the VICE TV docuseries Dark Side of the 2000s. 

Jon Gosselin Revealed That Stephanie Has Been In His Life For Years

The fact that the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star had a new girlfriend must be one of the best-kept secrets for a very long time. Everyone assumed that after he broke it off with Colleen Conrad, Collin’s dad lived by himself. However, it turned out that they met soon after Colleen split and went off to fight her cancer without her man at her side. When the news emerged about Stephanie, they were the ones who leaked it to the media.

Jon Gosselin lives with Stephanie in Pennsylvania and it turned out that she is also a parent. These days, because Jon works mainly at night as a DJ, during the day he gets to spend time with her daughter, Giulianna. So, in a way, he has nine kids, and not just the sextuplets and the twins, Mady and Cara. Of all of the kids, only Collin and Hannah, and now, Giulianna speak to him at all. It seems that Hannah and Collin get along well with the additional family member.

Girfriend Of Jon Gosselin Doesn’t See The Person Kate Describes

Kate always described Jon as a poor father and when the marriage broke up, Collin believed she took her anger out on him. Of course, she made a statement after he accused his mom of abusive behavior, and described Collin as aggressive and violent. But for Stephanie. living with them hasn’t been violent or ugly at all. In fact, she seems to have problems relating to accusations that Jon might be a terrible dad. Speaking with The Sun, she said, “everything they say is wrong with Jon, I just don’t see it. We don’t argue about anything.”

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Jon Gosselin also steps up and acts as a dad to Giulianna, and notably, Stephanie says, “he doesn’t have to do that.” Additionally, she weighed in on Kate as well, which probably won’t earn cheers from that side of the family. She said, “…for her…to sit there and say this and that in the public about him and towards Collin and Hannah, well number one, a judge awarded him custody for a reason, and number two, he’s never yelled at my child or done anything bad to them, or manipulated them in any sense, no way.”

Hannah And Collin Moved On

Jon Gosselin took his son into his own custody and now that he’s an adult, he joined the Marines. Meanwhile, Hannah is in a relationship and tends to hang with her boyfriend a lot. At the same time, they know that there is a home open to them that is full of love and laughter. Stephanie just wishes the other kids would reach out, so they could enjoy some fun times together.

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