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Kate Gosselin Has Surprising New Job, What Is It?

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It has been more than 10 years since viewers first met Kate Gosselin on John & Kate Plus 8. At one time, she was a household name and one of the biggest faces on reality television. She has a surprising new job today though. Keep reading to see what the former TV star is up to.

A Quiet Life Out Of The Spotlight

In August 2011, the end of Kate Plus 8, a spinoff of the original series, was announced. That put an end to Kate’s time on TV. The final episode of the program aired on September 12, 2011.

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Since the end of her reality television career, Kate Gosselin has maintained a fairly quiet lifestyle. She does a good job of staying out of the spotlight. Occasionally, she is spotted in town around her home in North Carolina pumping gas, grabbing groceries, or eating out. However, she hasn’t continued to work on TV.

Like many reality television stars, Kate was thrown into sudden stardom. As quickly as it came, fame disappeared from her and her family. Actually, the entire family has gone about living fairly normal lives. Several of her children are in college and it is rumored that one of her kids works at a Chipotle in their town.

Although Kate was able to live off of the money from the show for some time, it came to an end. She eventually had to return to her previous career as a nurse.

Kate Gosselin Pursues Old Career

That’s right, Gosselin has returned to her job as a registered nurse. She officially earned her license from the North Carolina Board of Nursing on June 30, 2021. Prior to appearing on reality TV, Kate was a nurse and decided to return to working in the medical field, despite it being difficult for her.

A person close to Kate told InTouch Weekly that returning to her nursing career was a “major challenge” for her. “But she has to do what she has to do,” they concluded.

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Credit: YouTube/ABC News

All that said, Kate is doing well for herself. The mother of eight sold her home in Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina. She reportedly owns a waterfront property in Troutman, NC where she lives with four of her children – Aiden, Alexis Joel, and Leah. It is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom single-story home that comes equipped with a boat dock, hot tub, pool, and private pier. She bought the house for $750,000 in 2018.

The average salary for an R.N. in North Carolina sits around $50,955. With her previous experience, it is likely that she would be able to earn more. Whatever the case may be, her new career is making it possible for her to maintain a household for her children.

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