‘Below Deck’ Where Does Captain Lee Stand Amid Writers Strike?

Captain Lee Rosbach - Below Deck - WWHL, Bravo, YouTube

Where does Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach stand amid the Hollywood writer’s strike?

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel recently suggested a strike among reality TV stars. In response to her calls, Captain Lee is now weighing in and sharing his thoughts. As the Hollywood writer’s strike stretches into another month, show biz is starting to sit up and pay attention. Here’s what Captain Lee has to say about the strike and Bethenny’s proposal.

Bethenny Frankel Calls For Reality Strike

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel recently made waves by starting a movement for reality television stars to strike. As the writer’s strike has continued, reality television has picked up the slack and filled in for shows that can’t film currently.

Because reality shows are unscripted, the union rules leading screenwriters to strike don’t generally apply to them. Bethenny suggested that a strike might be necessary to stop the reality television world from being exploited during the ongoing SAG strike. In a video that she shared on social media, Bethenny called reality stars, “the stepchildren, the losers, the mules, the pack horses” being leaned on. She added that they are “the ones that the entertainment industry is going to rely on right now to carry the water and do the heavy lifting.”

Bethenny Frankel - RHONYC - Instagram
Bethenny Frankel – RHONYC – Instagram

The RHONY star has now teamed up with high-profile attorneys Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos to investigate the treatment of reality stars. And Captain Lee has some things to say about Bethenny’s movement.

Below Deck Star Captain Lee Shares Where He Stands Amid Writer’s Strike

Captain Lee Rosbach recently weighed in on the possibility of a reality television star strike. He explained, “As far as unionizing and going on strike, I think that’s pretty harsh rhetoric.” He mused that he would like to be paid better. However, he’s not a political person.

Speaking about his work on Below Deck, Captain Lee explained, “In all fairness to our producers and our production companies, while they weren’t union, they did adhere to union standards.” He says that Bravo paid union scale to the camera operators. And that workers either received their lunch breaks on time or the company paid the proper penalties for delayed breaks. He added, “So even though they weren’t union they got treated as if they were.”

Captain Lee Rosbach - Below Deck - Instagram
Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck – Instagram

While he’s currently on a break from Below Deck, Captain Lee is currently working on other Bravo projects.

Do you agree with Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel that reality TV stars should go on strike? Or do you agree with Captain Lee Rosbach that it goes too far? Share your thoughts in the comments. And catch Captain Lee in Below Deck on Bravo and Peacock.

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