Bethenny Frankel Says Rachel Leviss Was Abused, Get Paid For It

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RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel believes that Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss was abused. More so, she feels that the former SUR waitress should get compensated. During Season 10, Leviss tried to figure out who she was without her longtime love James Kennedy. That made making a series of interesting and poor decisions including a several months-long affair with her best friend’s boyfriend. So, how did Frankel come to this conclusion? Read on for more details.

Bethenny Frankel Says Rachel Leviss Was Abused, Get Paid For It

It is no secret that Bethenny Frankel always has a lot to say and is very opinionated. This is pretty much her brand aside from Skinnygirl. Now, she speaking out about what Rachel Leviss went through during her time on Vanderpump Rules and how she should proceed. Currently, Leviss has yet to show up to film for Season 11 despite filming being well underway. The cast has already taken their first trip to Lake Tahoe. There, they supported Lisa Vanderump as she opened her new location but caught heat for posing with Tom Sandoval for a fan photo.

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The cast is maintaining that they are just doing their job, simple as that. As for Rachel Leviss, she is still in Arizona, recently out of her mental health treatment facility center. Now, according to ET, Bethenny Frankel has a lot to say about the whole situation. First off, Bethenny feels that Rachel needs to get her contract in place before she even agrees to go back. Then she added: “She had an affair. She’s not the first person in the world that’s had an affair and, you know, bullying or beating someone down for a tragic error that, yes, everybody has, like, Lord of the Flies grabbed and ripped the meat off the carcass.”

Bethenny Frankel-YouTube
Bethenny Frankel-YouTube

She went on: “Great. OK. You were wrong, you slept with someone’s boyfriend. It happens. You work in a bar on a reality television show, the most toxic environment in history. I didn’t think it was a big deal but, of course, the media gods came through and were marketing it like it was the friggin’ election.” Then, she went on to say that Rachel was essentially the “punching bag” but like all the others who suffered for the show, she got paid.

What About Her Health?

Clearly, Bethenny Frankel seems to have some awareness of Rachel Leviss’ mental health situation. If she is going to suffer even more from being in the situation, it is not worth it. It is hard to really listen to what Bethenny has to say considering she has put down RHONY yet that helped launch her career and brand. Plus, she is now making a living hosting a podcast about the Housewives franchise. So, it seems that she really does not want to get away as much as she says she does.

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She does have one very valid point. The bullying and hatred toward Rachel Leviss need to stop. As Andy Cohen mentioned at the reunion, everyone in the cast, except Katie Maloney, has cheated. Therefore, no one is perfect. It might have been the way that Rachel went about it that was off-putting.

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