‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Gives Glimpse Of Newborn Son

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Former Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau is giving her followers a glimpse of her newborn baby son. The now mother of two welcomed her son at the end of June. However, in order to really get any access to him, her fans had to pay for it. Now, she is finally giving a free peek at the baby boy. Read on for more details and to see a little glimpse of this handsome little one.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Gives Glimpse Of Newborn Son

In March, fans were wondering where Tyra Boisseau was as it seemed that she had gone missing from social media. Then, she was spotted with her on-and-off boyfriend and baby daddy Alex Wilson. It appeared that she was pregnant but nothing was confirmed. The following month, Tyra let her fans know that she was officially expecting her second child. She showed off a maternity photo shoot as she donned jeans and a rolled-up white tank top. It was unclear if Alex was the father of her baby but it was presumed he was.

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Tyra did note that they were no longer together and he was most likely with his other baby mama, Hanna Cole. She then went on to welcome the couple’s son in June. However, fans did not get immediate access or information about the baby unless they paid for a subscription. This came off as fairly tacky considering she was monetizing off of her son. Plus, she started going live right after she delivered as she showed herself eating. The baby’s name did end up leaking and it was said to be “Junior” though many felt that was just a nickname.

Tyra Boisseau-Instagram
Tyra Boisseau-Instagram

Now, Tyra Boisseau has taken to her Instagram stories to give a sneak peek at Junior. He was laying down and donned a white onesie while sucking on a pacifier. From the side half-shot of Junior, he looked very peaceful. Of course, it is unclear how much more of him Tyra’s subscribers actually get to see. Yet, this glimpse is already utterly adorable and shows that she and Alex at least make precious babies.

No More Unexpected

Sadly, fans of Tyra Boisseau and her story will have to pay for access as she won’t be on Season 6 of Unexpected. This would have been the perfect season for her as she was actually expecting. However, the only two returning cast members will be Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett along with two newbies. Prior to the show even announcing the new cast, Tyra’s sister Tiarra shared that the family would not be back. She did not specify if that meant all of the family but clearly, it included Tyra and their cousin, Taylor.

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