‘Today’ Show Brings In Big Guns To Replace Savannah Guthrie

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The Today Show was forced to bring in the big guns to replace Savannah Guthrie.

The sometimes-controversial host is out at The Today Show. And they couldn’t just replace her with anyone, they had to choose carefully. So a fan favorite took her seat on Wednesday. Read on to find out who filled in for Savannah and if or when she will return to the studio.

Today Becomes Food Showdown, Ground Zero

Before we can talk about the missing Savannah Guthrie, we have to talk about the food showdowns that have been happening in the Today studio over the past week.

Last week, a “Talker” segment on the show turned into a moment of irritation between host Hoda Kotb and co-hosts Al Roker and Carson Daly. Hoda and the other female co-hosts were covering a new TikTok phenomenon known as “Girl Dinner.” As they shared their favorite low-effort leftover meals, producers cut away to show Al and Carson in another part of the studio. The pair were enjoying their version of Girl Dinner, which they called “Boy Dinner.” Hoda became aggravated when the men’s conversation overshadowed the women, and she asked producers to cut their mics.

Food then again became the center of a disagreement when temporary co-host Willie Geist showed off his master chef moves. Martha Stewart joined the crew in the studio to show how to make lobster linguine. Willie broke out his expert lobster-cracking moves. A jealous and flustered Hoda playfully snapped at him, “Willie, stop showing off, I just got it!” While she was kidding, Martha poured salt in the wound by dubbing Willie “the best.”

If last week could be dubbed the show’s “Food Fracas” week, this week is the week of the musical chair hosts.

Today Brings Out Big Guns To Replace Savannah Guthrie

The rotating hosts started earlier this week. Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer were absent on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Savannah Guthrie was out with no warning.

They brought in co-host Craig Melvin to fill her seat. Craig usually joins the table about thirty minutes into the show, but this time he started in the big seat. Craig himself was absent last week on vacation with his family. Now it seems like everyone is back, except Savannah.

Craig Melvin - The Today Show - TODAY, YouTube
Craig Melvin – The Today Show – TODAY, YouTube

Craig did not indicate why Savannah was out of the studio. And it’s unclear as to whether she will return on Thursday or not.

Does the ever-changing co-host lineup make your head spin? Or do you expect anchors like Savannah Guthrie to rotate absences during the summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And catch The Today Show on NBC on weekdays from 7 AM to 11 AM EST.


  1. Please, please. please DO NOT REPLACE Savannah, she is so good, she and Hoda are so good together, if you replace her I guess I will just stop watching the Today show , I am 87yr old and I I have bee watching it for a long long time.

  2. I personally don’t think Savannah is as genuine any longer as Hoda is. She seems to be acting as though she cares. I personally would rather have Hoda and the rest of the crew.

  3. Ms Savannah is very judgmental in the political arena. She certainly appears to be very Democrat and makes no effort to reporting neutral. Every time there is a political hot topic she talks very fast with a tone in her voice that sounds very one sided. She does not simply report news, she expresses her beliefs in the manor of her reports. Hoda on the other hand does not inject her beliefs regardless of what they may be. Hoda is by far a better reporter than Savannah & should be rewarded for her work. If Savannah is really about to be gone from “Today”, she will not be missed by me.

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