Teary-Eyed Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Why She Stays On ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg - The View - The Drew Barrymore Show, YouTube

A teary-eyed Whoopi Goldberg recently revealed to fans why she stays on The View.

Whoopi may be a legendary actress and comedian, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves her. Fans of the show have called for her firing multiple times. And in recent weeks, she has faced pressure from fans to join her fellow actors in a massive Hollywood strike. But Whoopi revealed this week why she stays on the show despite the pressure to leave. Read on to find out what Whoopi had to say in the emotional reveal.

Hosts Pay Homage To Bill Geddie

Last week, legendary producer and View co-creator Bill Geddie passed away. His family has since shared that he died due to coronary-related issues. In a statement to Variety, Bill’s family said that he was a big deal on TV, but “at home he was an even ‘bigger than life’ husband and dad.” They shared that he loved the Beatles, and did everything well. The television mogul knew everyone, they shared. Family said of Bill, “The question wasn’t who did he meet, but rather who didn’t he meet?” And to the hosts of the popular morning show, Bill was more than a producer and boss. He was a friend.

The View, YouTube
The View, YouTube

They shared tearful homages to the show’s creator this week in the wake of his passing. Sonny Hostin, View co-host, shared a memory about her early time on the show. She explained that she bombed her first audition. Bill then said she was sitting at the desk like she was watching it. He told her that she should host and lead rather than passively watch. He said, “Lean in like I know you can!” Sonny says she’s been leaning in ever since and it was “the best” advice she’s ever received.

Whoopi Goldberg Tearfully Reveals Why She Stays On The View

And Whoopi Goldberg had her thoughts about Bill’s passing and her time on The View.

Whoopi says that she first met Bill and co-creator Barbara Walters in Malibu. They were contributing to “10 Most Fascinating People,” and that’s when she befriended the dynamic duo. According to Whoopi, Bill and Barbara asked if she would be interested in coming to host The View. “When they said ‘Listen you wanna come do this [The View]’ I was like ‘yeah sure, I need a job,” Whoopi shared. She reminisced on her gratitude for the fact that they offered her work, and quipped that she responded, “‘Yes I’ll come,’ and here I be.”

Whoopi Goldberg - The View, YouTube
Whoopi Goldberg – The View, YouTube

Despite calls for the show to fire Whoopi or for her to resign, she stays “out of respect” for Bill and Barbara. She credits them for “giving her a shot.”

Do you agree with Whoopi Goldberg‘s decision to stick around out of respect for Bill and Barbara? Or do you think The View could use a new generation of hosts? Weigh in below in the comments. And catch The View on ABC on weekday mornings at 11 AM EST.

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