‘The View’ Whoopi Not Amused As Joy’s Carelessness Steals Her Air-time

Whoopi Goldberg - The View - The View, YouTube

The View host Whoopi Goldberg was not amused as Joy Behar‘s carelessness stole her air-time.

Whoopi accused her co-host of “overshadowing” her during Wednesday’s broadcast. Joy Behar experienced an embarrassing faux pas that’s happened to all of us just moments into a segment spearheaded by Whoopi Goldberg. And the latter was not amused by the whole thing, chiding her 80-year-old co-host. Here’s what happened and why Whoopi was so disgruntled.

Whoopi Goldberg Walked Out On Tuesday

It’s been an explosive week on The View for co-host Whoopi Goldberg. She opened Monday’s segment by explaining why the show is able to continue filming despite the ongoing and escalating writer and actor strikes in Hollywood. Her explanation was poorly received by fans, who pointed out that she is an actor first, and should be striking as well.

Whoopi Goldberg - The View - YouTube
Whoopi Goldberg – The View – YouTube

Then on Tuesday, Whoopi actually walked off the set amid a segment about Miranda Lambert. On Sunday, Miranda became aggravated when fans were posing for selfies while she performed on stage. She told the audience she was “P*ssed off” and she stopped the show. Whoopi said that if people were willing to spend upward of $750 per ticket, they should “give me the respect of watching me while I do my thing, or don’t come.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that usually she takes pics and videos to preserve memories. A fed-up Whoopi walked off the set, telling her co-host, “‘turn on the television, girl.” When they asked where she was going, she fired back, “I’m leaving, y’all!” To prove her point about how selfies disrupt a show, she then feigned posing with an audience member for a selfie.

Whoopi Was Unamused As View Co-Host Joy’s Carelessness Stole Her Air-Time

Whoopi Goldberg’s irritation returned to the studio with her again on Wednesday. The Star Trek actress started a segment on Ron DeSantis, discussing the controversial Florida Governor’s recent interview with Jake Tapper.

She asked the thoughts of her co-hosts Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin. But as she began the conversation, a ringtone could be heard. Whoopi paused speaking and turned to Joy, asking, “Did your phone really just ring?” An embarrassed Joy responded, “It did not. Just ignore it.”

Joy Behar - The View - The View, YouTube
Joy Behar – The View – The View, YouTube

Whoopi fired back that it was hard to ignore. She then added, “Kinda like I was just overshadowed by her phone, Ron DeSantis was overshadowed by you know who’s latest potential indictment.” The hosts continued the segment, but it was clear that Whoopi’s response to Joy was half-jest, half-genuine.

Do you think the hosts should have to leave their phones behind when they take the stage? And do you agree with Whoopi Goldberg that The View being interrupted by a ringtone is out of line? Sound off in the comments. And catch the crew on ABC every weekday from 11 AM EST to 12 PM EST.

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