Did TLC Fund & Film Gwendlyn Brown’s Wedding?

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Did TLC both fund and film Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding to Beatriz Queiroz? It was clearly a family affair with many of the Browns in attendance. Yet, was she as lucky as her other siblings to have this big day filmed for an upcoming season? Read on for all of the details.

Did TLC Fund & Film Gwendlyn Brown’s Wedding?

Gwendlyn Brown and Beatriz Queiroz tied the knot on Saturday, July 15th in front of family and friends. They both beamed as Gwen wore a spaghetti-strapped white dress. As for Beatriz, she donned a bow tie and white buttoned down, her hair in a bun. Everyone was seen laughing, smiling, and just celebrating the newlyweds. However, was this big event filmed and funded by TLC? After all, her siblings had their weddings filmed for special episodes. This includes Maddie Brush, Mykelti Padron, and Aspyn Thompson. Leon Brown and their partner, Audrey Kriss were in the process of planning when the pandemic hit.

Sister Wives Kids-YouTube
Sister Wives Kids-YouTube

Logan Brown married Michelle Petty in October of last year so it is unclear if that will make it into Season 18. So, it would only make sense for Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding to be celebrated the same way. A Reddit thread was started to talk about the wedding initially and who was there. The photo that started the thread was of Meri and her child, Leon. Yet, one eagle-eyed Redditor noticed what appeared to be a mic pack on Leon. That would lead some to believe this was being filmed: “Possible filming for TLC, or maybe Leon was emcee or officiated?”

Meri Brown and Leon Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram
Meri, Leon-Instagram

Fans loved the idea of Leon officiating their sister’s wedding. However, someone who is in the production field confirmed that it was a “wireless mic pack.” Apparently, Gwen had said TLC did not care to film the wedding but maybe they had a change of heart. “Gwen had said tlc wasn’t interested in filming it but I bet with her yt success they’ve added it in,” one suggested. If they are filming it, there’s a chance that TLC had to pay for some of it.

Nothing Confirmed

It has not been confirmed by Gwendlyn Brown or any of the family if it was filmed for TLC. However, there were some no-shows at the wedding. This could be because it was going to be part of an upcoming season and some Brown members did not want to be a part of it. Or, they simply just could not attend for other reasons. Hopefully, Gwen will spill all of the wedding tea sooner rather than later.

Would you like to see her big day on a future episode or TLC special? Let us know and watch Sister Wives when it returns August 20th on TLC.

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  1. I think the Brown family has gone as far as it can go on TV’s sister wives. It’s no longer interesting. The same old crap. Cody is a jerk and I can’t see ANY of his wives actually staying with him. It’s time they all just gave this comic up.

    1. Nope. There are still plenty of us who still enjoy the show and will continue to faithfully watch. Just because you are no longer interested doesn’t mean they should cancel it. You can always just not watch it.

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