Ty Pennington Shares Shocking Trip To Be Intubated In ICU

Ty Pennington - HGTV, YouTube

HGTV superstar host Ty Pennington was intubated in the ICU and “could barely breathe.”

Ty is now recuperating from a health scare that left him in rough shape. On Friday, the Trading Spaces star revealed that he was rushed to a hospital in the Denver area, where he was intubated. This all happened just a few days after he attended the Barbie movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Fans Send Well Wishes To Ty

After Ty Pennington shared that he was hospitalized in the ICU, fans took to his social media to send him well wishes.

The HGTV host’s fans were all grateful that he was doing well. One wrote, “Happy to hear your doing okay.” Another implored him to get well soon, adding, “We need someone to yell at us about home improvements!”

Ty Pennington - Instagram
Ty Pennington – Instagram

The HGTV star had a harrowing week that went from top of the world to fighting for his life overnight. One moment, Ty was in Los Angeles attending the Barbie movie premiere one night. The next night, he was flown to the ICU with his life on the line. After a short hospital stay and quick surgery, he’s on the road to recovery. The star wanted to explain to fans what he went through this week, and it’s a doozy.

Ty Pennington Hospitalized And Intubated In ICU

Ty captioned a photo of himself in the hospital, “From the red carpet to the ICU.” The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star explained that the last week has been “interesting.” The host adds that he’s “okay” now. Ty continued to “shed some light” on what’s happened over the past few days. On Monday, the HGTV host flew to Breckenridge to start filming. Then, he adds, “Tuesday morning I woke up at 4am and could barely breathe.”

Ty Pennington - Instagram
Ty Pennington – Instagram

The sore throat he’s been battling for weeks turned out to be an abscess. It had grown so large that it was “closing off” his airway. As a result, he was intubated and flown to a hospital in Denver for more intensive care. On Wednesday, he received surgery. Then on Thursday, he was released from the hospital. Additionally, the relieved television star thanked St.Anthony‚Äôs in Lakewood, CO & Summit Health in Frisco for taking good care of him. Furthermore, he told fans to make sure they “LISTEN” to their bodies.

Have you ever experienced something like Ty Pennington? Share your experiences in the comments. Then let us know what you think Ty needs to know as he recovers from his brush with death.

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