‘Unexpected:’ Myrka Cantu Reveals Big Baby News

Myrka Cantu - Unexpected - TLC, YouTube

TLC‘s Unexpected star Myrka Cantu recently revealed some exciting big baby news.

The former teen mom took to social media to engage in a question-and-answer session with followers. And as part of the answers, Myrka talked about her relationship with her husband and their plans for the future. And then she dropped a bomb on fans about some baby news that has fans buzzing.

Myrka Talks About Her Husband And Their Plans

Fans of Unexpected first met Myrka in Season 4 when she was a teen mom dating her first love, Ethan Ybarra. The relationship between Myrka and Ethan seemed strong, but ultimately the two did not last forever. They clashed soon after welcoming their first baby together, a daughter they named Attalie. Family woes and outside stressors led the two to turn away from each other over time.

Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu - Unexpected - TLC, YouTube
Ethan Ybarra – Myrka Cantu – Unexpected – TLC, YouTube

Myrka and Ethan broke up after struggling to make young parenthood work. After graduating from high school, Myrka announced that she was expecting her second child with her new boyfriend, whose name she has not revealed on social media. She gave birth to their daughter Axelia in early 2023.

In the question-and-answer, fans wanted to know if Myrka Cantu and her second baby daddy are still together. She answered that yes, they are still together, and she has recent photos of him on her social media. Additionally, she suggested that they will be convalidated. That means that the couple will be confirming their marriage with the Catholic church, after tying the knot legally but not through the church. In the same question-and-answer session, Myrka told fans that she and her unnamed husband got married “legally” earlier in 2023.

Myrka Cantu Tells Unexpected Fans About Some Major Baby News

Then, Myrka Cantu dropped a major bomb about some exciting baby news.

Fans asked how her mental health was doing, and Myrka admitted that she’s been struggling. She offered some advice for getting a 6-month-old baby to sleep, which involves schedules. But then came the surprising news that another baby may soon be on the horizon.

Myrka Cantu - TLC Unexpected - Instagram
Myrka Cantu – TLC Unexpected – Instagram

A fan asked Myrka, “are you on BC or are more babies going to come”? “BC” in this context likely refers to birth control, meaning the fan wants to know if they’re preventing pregnancy or trying to conceive. Using a picture that just shows the top of her head and her playfully smiling eyes, Myrka responded, “No BC here”! That means that if they aren’t trying to have a baby, they at least aren’t preventing a pregnancy. So Unexpected fans may be able to expect a third baby from the young mother sometime soon.

Are you excited about seeing Myrka Cantu welcome another baby? Or do you think she and her mystery husband should enjoy their young family and take some more time before adding to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And catch reruns of Unexpected on TLC while we wait for the air date for Season 6.

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