Scheana Shay Filmed Lashing Out At Tom Sandoval

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Scheana Shay has been filmed lashing out at her former close friend, Tom Sandoval. Production for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is currently underway. It was questionable who would film with Sandoval aside from Tom Schwartz, Lisa Vanderpump, and Raquel Leviss if she returned. Now, Sheana and Sandoval have been spotted together and she was not happy at all. Read on for more details.

Scheana Shay Filmed Lashing Out At Tom Sandoval

No one wanted to film with Tom Sandoval when filming started up again for Season 11. He was filmed having it out with his business partner and former bestie, Tom Schwartz. Now, it seems that he and Scheana Shay are at odds. Shay did not want a friendship with him after the end of Season 10. The two had a heart to heart and she learned that Raquel Leviss was not the only person Sandoval had cheated on Ariana Madix with. Scheana proceeded to call him “sick” but said that she would miss their friendship. Though she wanted nothing to do with him after he devastated her best friend, they seemingly had unfinished business.

Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay/Vanderpump Rules/Instagram
Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay-Instagram

Page Six caught Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval looking very tense and uncomfortable Tuesday, July 11th. The two were out at SUR restaurant and they ended up chatting outside. From the photos, it is evident that the conversation was not a happy one as Scheana is clearly angry with Sandoval. As per his recent argument with Tom Schwartz, there was no reason given for why she was mad at him. Luckily, cameras were rolling which means that viewers will get to see it all play out when the show returns.

Tom was more casual in a tried sweater whereas Scheana Shay looked pretty decked out. Despite the exact exchange currently unknown, a few words were picked up. Scheana apparently said: “…if you hadn’t f–ked Raquel!” Keep in mind, Ariana Madix has moved on with her life and is happily dating Daniel Wai. Yet, the friend group was torn to bits when Sandoval had the affair.

Just Walk Away

It appears that Scheana Shay finally just walked away from the whole situation. However, it does seem that Ariana was in attendance, as well. So, the good news is that the cast is all filming together in some fashion. As for Raquel Leviss, her status is unknown as of now. She was still in a mental health facility when the show started filming but everyone was trying to work together to get her back. Now, money may be the key factor holding her back.

What do you think the Scheana Shay/Tom Sandoval interaction was about? More so, are you excited to watch it play out next season? Let us know in the comments below.

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