Tom Sandoval BUSTED On Tape Dogging Business Partner

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Disgraced Bravo personality Tom Sandoval has only been involved in the filming of Vanderpump Rules Season 11 for about a week and he’s reportedly already making waves. What exactly has Tom Sandoval done now? Keep reading for the details.

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval Already Making Waves

Turns out, the reality TV personality was busted for slamming his business partner during a serious conversation. A photo and video shared by an Instagram user named @tanningchanning are making rounds on social media that caught Tom Sandoval and his business partner Tom Schwartz in the middle of a heated conversation.

Tom Schwartz had his back to the camera. But, it was obvious by his body language (the way he was holding his head with his hands) that he was frustrated by the conversation.

Tom Sandoval/Pump Rules/YouTube
Sitting across from him, Tom Sandoval donned a long-sleeve peach-colored shirt. Vanderpump Rules fans had to do a double tag as Sandoval appears to have changed things up for the new season as he ditched both his villain mustache and his signature white nail polish.

“Greg f**king stubs his toe and [he] ruins [everything],” Sandoval yelled at Schwartz while they had a heated conversation over a few bottles of beer.

The video made it clear this heated discussion was being filmed for the new season of the series as there were cameras on both sides of the room to get the conversation from all angles. It appeared as if they were discussing some business regarding their bar located in Franklin Village.

Here is a screenshot of the photo @tanningchanning shared on their Instagram Story:

Tom Sandoval - Instagram

As fans know, Sandoval and Schwartz opened the bar they were discussing with Greg Morris last fall. It, however, didn’t sound like Tom Sandoval was very happy with Greg. During Season 10, viewers would often catch both Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz getting into it and disagreeing with Greg as far as when the bar would be good to open.

Now, a few months have passed. But, it does not sound as if the waters have calmed between Greg and the two Toms in regard to their business.

Tom Schwartz/YouTube
Tom Schwartz/YouTube

“Boots on the ground for Tom v Tom fighting about their bar.” The Instagram user that spotted the two Bravo personalities penned in a caption attached to the photo and video they shared.

Does it surprise you Tom Sandoval is already making waves? Share your thoughts on this latest update on Vanderpump Rules Season 11 in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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