Emilia Clarke Defends Green Screen Acting

Emilia Clarke - Secret Invasion - IMDb, YouTube

Marvel‘s Secret Invasion star Emilia Clarke recently defended green screen acting against critics.

The former Game of Thrones superstar shared her thoughts on the matter in a recent interview. For an actress who has made her career in many high-profile green-screen films, it makes sense that Emilia wants to weigh in on the topic. Read on to find out what Emilia has to say about green-screen acting, and why she’s so excited about her latest big role.

Emilia Is In Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke has been hot in Hollywood ever since she burst onto the scenes in Game of Thrones back in 2011. Plus, now, she’s returning to people’s homes on the small screen in Disney and Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke - Secret Invasion - IMDb, YouTube
Emilia Clarke – Secret Invasion – IMDb, YouTube

Secret Invasion is the newest installment in the Avengers and MCU extended universe world. The limited series follows Avengers’ founder Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, as he fights to save Earth from an alien invasion. Emilia Clarke stars as G’iah, the Skrull daughter of Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Like most Marvel movies and series, Secret Invasion includes ample acting in front of a green screen. In the world of acting, green screen acting is often maligned as not as legitimate as face-to-face acting.

Emilia Clarke Defends Green Screen Acting As Legitimate

In a recent interview with LA Times, Emilia Clarke took a moment to address the negativity that has surrounded green screen acting over the past decade.

According to Emilia, there’s a stigma in Hollywood that you don’t do “real acting” if you’re in green-screen films. The concept is a holdover from the early days of special effects where green screens often became substitutes for complex sets and special effects. Those days are long past, however. Emilia Clarke explains in the interview that if green screen acting is so unimpressive, “… You’re like, ‘Well, then why are they asking all these great actors to do it, and why are they saying yes?'” The star brushed aside concerns about acting ability, saying that she was thrilled to be part of the Marvel universe. Emilia called the MCU, “so exciting and so cool, and so on the cutting edge of it.” She added that it’s the “Apple of this world.”

Emilia Clarke - Secret Invasion - Game of Thrones, 60 Minutes, YouTube
Emilia Clarke – Secret Invasion – Game of Thrones, 60 Minutes, YouTube

Emilia gushed about belonging to the Marvel family. She says she’s now in the “cool kids’ crowd,” telling the interviewer, “Honestly speaking, the people that are making this are what pushed me over the line to really wanting to do it.” Everyone’s hearts and heads are “in the right place” with this series, Emilia added.

Do you think green screen acting is legitimate, or is it second-rate acting? Are you excited to see Emilia Clarke in her new role as G’iah for Marvel‘s Secret Invasion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And check out Secret Invasion streaming now on Disney +.

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