‘RHOC’ Taylor Armstrong Reveals SHOCKING Same-Sex Love

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RHOC newcomer Taylor Armstrong revealed her shocking same-sex love during the cast trip to Montana. Though she spent a few seasons on RHOBH and was on RHUGT2, she kept this secret close. So, what exactly did she disclose and how did it come up? Read on for all of the details.

RHOC Taylor Armstrong Reveals SHOCKING Same-Sex Love

Taylor Armstrong made history when she crossed over from the Beverly Hills housewives to Orange County. Currently, she is a “friend of” as she has grown close to Tamra Judge. This is actually Tamra’s first season back as she was put on pause a few seasons back. Therefore, they are jumping into this together. In the latest episode, the ladies headed to Montana. As they engaged in activities and such, secrets started to come out. When it came to Taylor, she shocked everyone with her revelation.

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Taylor Armstrong revealed that she was bisexual. It was not that she was just attracted to women but that she had been in a relationship with a lady before. More so, it had lasted for a handful of years. Of course, the women remembered that she was married for some time to Russell Armstrong. The two had a daughter Kennedy but after she filed for divorce, he committed suicide. She then found love again and settled into her life quite peacefully. Somehow, her sexuality never came up.

Taylor Armstrong/Instagram
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This is interesting as she was on RHUGT2 with Brandi Glanville who is openly bisexual. The two women had butted heads in the past. However, they were able to come to some resolution during their time in the Berkshires. Tamra Judge also has kissed women so it would seem that maybe she would have known this information. It really has been an amazingly well-kept secret that no one saw coming. Fortunately, viewers were nothing but supportive of Taylor living her truth.

Taylor Comes Out

Her story has been a long and rough one. Taylor Armstrong suffered abuse at the hands of her late husband. Yet, she was able to come back better than ever. When she shared her bisexual news, not unlike former cast members Noella Bergener and Braunwyn Windham-Burke, she was met with support. “Taylor, Bisexual Queen,” one viewer tweeted. Another added: “Taylor being Bisexual omg, we love the queen of the gays.” Yet, one fan did think she was creating a storyline for herself but she does have a true story to tell as she has lived a lot since she left RHOBH.

What did you think of Taylor Armstrong’s revelation? Were you shocked to learn she had been with a woman for five years? Let us know and watch RHOC Wednesdays on Bravo.

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