Jonas Brothers Cancel Mexico Shows Due To Nick, Fans Demand Refund

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The Jonas Brothers just canceled four Mexico shows on May 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th due to Nick Jonas. Unfortunately, even after the youngest of the trio came out and shared why they had to do so, some fans were livid. They took to social media to demand a refund. So, what is wrong with him, and when will they be back? Keep reading for more details.

Jonas Brothers Cancel Mexico Shows Due To Nick

Unfortunately, life happens and it can cause postponements or even cancellations. Such is the case with The Jonas Brothers. They were set to perform a total of four shows, two in Mexico City and two in Monterrey. Sadly, they had to cancel them at the current time due to Nick Jonas. Zignia Live, a Mexican promoter, shared a statement on Friday, May 3rd:

“Due to health issues, Nick Jonas is unable to offer a concert of the quality that his Mexican audience deserves. For this reason, the Jonas Brothers events in Mexico City and Monterrey — scheduled for May 3 and 4 at Arena CDMX, and May 6 and 7 at Arena Monterrey — will be rescheduled.”

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas-YouTube
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas-YouTube

So, what is wrong with Nick that is holding him back from performing with Kevin and Joe Jonas? According to The Sun, he came down with influenza A, as he shared in an Instagram Reel. In the video, Nick explained that he had been feeling off but did not want to let down the crowd in Cancun. Therefore, he gave it his all and pushed through. Then, it just kept getting worse and he had no choice but to pull back and take time to recover. That meant canceling four shows.


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In the caption, he wrote:

“Hi guys. I have come down with the nasty strain of influenza-A that’s been going around, and I’m not able to sing at the moment. We always want to be able to give you guys the best show and I’m just not able to do that for these shows in Mexico at this time.”

Luckily, these shows have new dates set as The Jonas Brothers will return to Mexico at the end of August to give back what the crowd lost. Though many fans were extremely supportive, some were not so happy.

Demanding Refunds

Of course, The Jonas Brothers could not help that Nick Jonas got so sick. Yet, some fans were mad at the band and Nick:

  • Karen Vibes: I can’t go out, *cough* I’m sick.
  • You should’ve postponed them 2 days ago, fans from all over the country are already in Mexico City.
  • I just want my money back

To make matters worse, they just moved the European leg of their tour. Fans had already made arrangements to come see them when they made this announcement. So, it is not a good look for the band but nonetheless, hopefully Nick Jonas gets better soon.

Do you understand why people are so enraged or do you see that Nick can’t perform under these conditions? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. May God bless you with a speedy recovery Nick Jonas! If you are real supporters of the band, you would undersrand why they canceled the shows people! Nothing as important as your health.

  2. The fans that are running their mouths and demanding refunds and acting like its just a cold are truly crappy fans to say the least. How cruel and rude of all of you. If you were even remotely fans with any knowledge then you would be aware that Nick is also diabetic and sickness and diabetes is not that easy nor is bouncing back from it when you have an illness like diabetes running alongside being actually sick. We as diabetics don’t heal as quickly as those that do not have it. So before you go running your uneducated mouths … please get your facts straight and learn love and compassion instead of rude ignorance. Famous or not he doesn’t need to risk his life for a concert he plans to still give his fans in the end. Be grateful Covid is moving on … I missed a concert for 2 years due to covid and Jojo Siwa refused refunds when she couldn’t even give a date to reschedule. Now that is rude. Just because she is money hungry, now that is a bad artist with no respect for fans. Nick Jonus is ill and has things in his life like diabetes that make healing take longer. KNOW YOUR FACTS before judging and demanding. He is human.

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